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10 Things You MUST Do To Survive Black Friday

10 Things You MUST Do To Survive Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here! It’s the day businesses start “getting in the black” (making profit) and when shoppers face long lines, crazy crowds, and rushing to grab a few items for big discounts.

No matter how scary it gets – we’re always eager for it! The amazing bargains and low prices bring us back year after year. If you’re heading out on the day after Thanksgiving, here are 10 Things You MUST Do To Survive Black Friday.


1. Do Your Research – Scour the Internet for all Deals!

You can always search retailer sites for their early deals releases. But, an even better way is to find consumer sites that list the best deals for big-name retailers in one spot. Some great resources:

2. Set a Budget & Have a Plan – The most important step you can do for yourself and your wallet!

thrifty little mom
via Thrifty Little Mom

Black Friday is quite an event! There’s a lot of hurrying and a ton of people to get through. It’s easy to get swept away and forget your budget. Try filling out one of these free printable Black Friday planners BEFORE you go so you can stay on track.

3. Have a Backup Plan

With the number of people shopping, there will be instances where you will not find the item you want. That means you need to have a backup plan in place.  Add a second item to your list, just in case you can’t find the one thing you really want. –

4. PJ’s & Coffee – Start early!

black friday shopping tips

No one wants to get up early on a day off! But, if you want to grab the best deals (especially door busters) – you have to get there first! Some stores will even start their sale on Thanksgiving. Also look for midnight madness sales and early shopper specials. Check holiday hours so you don’t miss a good deal.

5. Pay with Plastic

If you’ve already got your budget set, using the right credit card can be a huge help. Check which of your cards offer free benefits, extended warranties, cash back, return protection, and sale price guarantee.

6. Download “Black Friday” apps to hunt bargains while you’re on the go

black friday apps

  • DealNews scours the web for deals on everything from laptops and shoes to clothing and more.
  • Flipp features more than 1,000 local circulars
  • ShopSavvy lets you scan barcodes to compare prices from different sellers to find the best deal.

7. 40% Rule – Any clothing less than 40% off retail price is not a bargain

Financial and shopping experts all agree: clothing less than 40% off is not a great deal. Black Friday isn’t the best time to shop for clothing and accessories. Hold those purchases for end-of-season sales and use Black Friday to concentrate on appliances, electronics and other products at higher discount.

8. Buyer’s Remorse: Be Aware of store policies, warranties, returns, refunds etc.

black friday shopping tips

Sales can be enticing, but you might get a surprise after you get home and have to deal with a warranty or return. Make sure you know each store’s policies before buying – especially if their conditions are different for sale items. Check out 7 Stores With the Best Return Policies.

9. Resist The Extras

You’ve just landed your dream computer at a great deal! Ignore the rack of accessories displayed next to it. Stores are notorious for pairing sale items with regular (or over) priced accessories to get you to spend more. Usually these are impulse buys that you can find cheaper at a later date or another retailer.

10. Keep Your Head – Remember to have fun!

black friday shopping tips

No tv is worth losing your mind (or getting injured…arrested…thrown out of your favorite store).  As much as we love shopping, remember the experience is just as important. Bring some friends or family with you, plan a lunch break in the middle, and make sure to share some laughs along the way.


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