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10 Tips For Easier Cleaning

10 tips for easier cleaning

Cleaning is such a bad word at times in your home!  Everyone likes how a clean house looks and smells. No one likes the work it takes to get there.


Sometimes you spend hours scrubbing, washing, wiping and disinfecting while the rest of your to-do list is completely ignored (not to mention the fun things on your schedule). 


Here are 10 Tips that will help make your household cleaning easier so you can actually have time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

10 tips for easier cleaning #tryzep

1. Clean As You Go

As an adult, I know telling your kids to do this is like talking to the wall, however, it is a great tip for all of us to remember. 

2. Let Your Cleaners Do The Work

For most ‘elbow grease’ jobs there is a “set it and forget it” alternative. Tired of scrubbing around the base of your toilet? Put down a paste of baking soda and lemon juice. Let it dry (10 – 15 min) while you tackle a different job. Then come back, spray with vinegar and let it fizz away the residue and germs. Instead of pre-treating individual items of clothing before the wash, add hydrogen peroxide to your full washing machine and let sit for a few minutes before starting the cycle.

3. Shine Goes A Long Way


One simple thing you can do several times a week is shine up your faucets in your bathroom and kitchen. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes when you remove soap and water build up – and it only takes a few minutes.

4. Stop Fridge Odor and Stain Before It Starts

Line your refrigerator vegetable and fruit bins with newspaper. It will soak up both liquids and smell.

5. Tackle One Room a Day

The key to a consistently clean home is a schedule. Pick a different room of the house for each day of the week. After one full week, you’ll be in a regular rotation that leaves your house fresh and you feeling less like you have to tackle everything at once.  Note: Start with the kitchen on Monday! Yes, it’s the hardest day of the week and the room that needs the most work (usually). But, that’s exactly why you should tackle it first thing and get it out of the way. The rest of the week will feel like a breeze!

6. Handle Cleaning Like a Pro

If you’ve ever watched a professional cleaning service you’ll notice one major difference between them and us: they carry their supplies with them. From room to room, they tote a supply basket so that they have everything they need at their fingertips. You’ll get done faster because you don’t have to continuously go back and forth searching for the tools to complete your next task.

7. Disinfect While You Clean


Cleaning is more than just removing stains and wiping up grime. There are germs hiding underneath as well. Just because something cleans doesn’t mean it disinfects. Make sure your cleaning tool box also includes a powerful antibacterial disinfectant cleaner.   

8. Keep Glass Wipes in the Bathroom

One area that always takes a beating in my house is the bathroom mirror. For some reason both of my sons manage to get more toothpaste (and other mystery stuff) on the mirror than they do in their mouth. If toothpaste and soap residue are allowed to dry then they take longer to clean. Leave a pack of glass cleaner wipes within reach so that the mirror can be easily wiped after each use. No build up means your job is much easier.

9. Use Paper on Unseen Surfaces

Stop climbing up a ladder to clean the dust from areas no one sees like cabinet and refrigerator tops. Clean and disinfect the surfaces once a month. For in between maintenance of dust and debris – lay down parchment or freezer paper. The paper will collect the dust and you can easily pick up the paper and shake it off in the trash.

10. Kids Know How To Wipe Too

One of the best time saving tips is GET OTHERS TO HELP. Teens can do heavier jobs like scrubbing the tub while even toddlers can run a cloth over coffee tables or help wipe down the kitchen table with a wet sponge. Best of all – they’ll have fun doing it. Make a game of it by offering a sticker or other reward for each piece of furniture cleaned.

What other tips have you discovered to make cleaning easier?


  1. I have a weekly schedule that helps me manage my cleaning chores, but who wouldn’t want to do their chores faster? These are great ideas! Can’t wait to try Zep.

  2. I need a lot of advice in the bathroom cleaning area. This is one are my kids keep messing up. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I know this will come as no surprise – but I have a cleaning schedule that helps me stay on top of things. I learned it from the FlyLady years ago and just did it so long that it has become a habit. Her thing about keeping your kitchen sink clean and shiny every night is unbelievably effective LOL

  4. I agree with doing a little housework everyday. It can be overwhelming when things just pile up. Never heard of Zep, would like to give it a try. I like the paper idea but don’t think it will work in my home with a ceiling fan in every room. I wouldn’t use newspaper in my fridge because of the smudge problem. I do like using large brown paper bags at the bottom of my fruit and veggie bins and I have a ton of those. Thanks for the tips!

  5. This is a great cleaning list. I especially like #4 “Stop Fridge Odor and Stain Before It Starts. Line your refrigerator vegetable and fruit bins with newspaper. It will soak up both liquids and smell.” Very good to know and something that I will immediately implement. While I have a cleaning lady that comes several times a week, I’ll bookmark this post just in case I have to pull out the rubber gloves and start cleaning. ;)

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