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It’s exciting to visit new countries and experience the way people there live. Preparing for a journey abroad, however, takes a lot of planning. Unless you’re a very experienced traveler, you can get confused or lost in a foreign country. Installing these four great apps on your smartphone before taking any journeys abroad will ensure that you’re prepared to face the challenges and have fun.

1. FlightTrack Pro

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Price: $4.99

Operating system: Android and iOS

Traveling abroad often means you have to catch connecting flights to reach your destination. It’s hard enough to get through security and find the right gate for one flight. The more planes you have to catch, the more complicated your travels become.

FlightTrack Pro solves this issue by giving you color-coded flight statuses for every leg of your journey. If one of your flights gets delayed, you immediately receive a message that keeps you updated. The latest version of FlightTrack Pro even lets you share your travel plans with close friends. The next time you need someone to pick you up at the airport, you can count on your app to contact your ride.

A free version of FlightTrack is available, but it doesn’t offer as many features as the paid version. Still, you can try it to help you decide whether you want to spend money on the full app.

2. CityMaps 2Go

Price: $5.99 for each travel companion you access

Operating system: Android and iOS

CityMaps 2GO has maps to thousands of cities all over the world. After downloading the map you need, you can pin points of interest to it so you can easily find the restaurants, museums, and other attractions that you want to visit. The app also gives you access to tips and recommendations to help you find the best attractions in every city.

Since CityMaps 2Go is such a visual app, you’ll get the best results from a mobile device with a large, high-resolution screen. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge’s 5.5-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen will make your map reading simple.

The best things about CityMaps 2GO is that you can use the maps offline. You don’t have to worry about using data or losing your network connection overseas. Just download your maps on the T-Mobile network before you leave for your trip.

3. Oanda Currency Converter

Price: Free

Operating system: Android and iPhone

Traveling to other countries means that you will have to convert your dollars into the local currency. Conversion rates can vary significant depending on what bank or money exchanger you use. Installing the Oanda Currency Converter app on your smartphone will help ensure that you never get ripped off by someone charging outrageous rates.

Oanda Currency Converter gives you the latest exchange rates from financial institutions, auditing firms, corporations, and tax authorities. In addition to giving you updated rates, it will let you select any rate you encounter to see how much money you will get in exchange for your dollars. This app is one of the most convenient tools for traveling abroad, so don’t leave the United States without it.

4. Like a Local

Price: Free to download, but in-app products cost between $0.99 and $1.23 per item

Operating system: Android and iOS

A lot of travelers get stuck in tourist traps that never show them the real value of the cities they visit. Imagine going to Rome and eating at Olive Garden. You’d might as well stay home.

Like a Local shows you where to find the absolute best spots in every city you visit. The app currently has guides to over 40 cities around the world. No matter where you go, you get an insider’s look into the restaurants, bars, cafes, and hidden spots that the locals frequent. The app also gives you off-line maps, so you can find your way around town without getting charged for data.

Apps can make practically everything in life easier. They’re especially important when traveling abroad. With these four apps on your smartphone, you can enjoy your trip without worry.

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