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4 Money-Making Moves to Put More Cash in Your Pocket

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4 Money-Making Moves to Put More Cash in Your Pocket

Guest Post — Financial managers share a common struggle, striving to reconcile incoming resources with wide-ranging monetary obligations. For some, hard work and good fortune escalate earnings to levels sufficient to offset monthly spending commitments, with little fear of falling short.  But for other people, each month’s balance sheet highlights another step in the wrong direction, falling victim to oppressive debt and other forms of economic distress. 

When income doesn’t meet spending demands, the shortfall can be corrected in two distinct ways – or a combination of both budget equalizing measures.  One go-to solution, reduced spending, is a prudent first step toward a balanced budget, but increasing your income is another way to bridge the affordability gap.  Whether your finances need a short-term boost or call-for lasting improvements, consider these money-making moves, which can help add to your incoming resources today.

Part with unneeded items

Generating income from outside sources can help correct budget shortfalls, but you can also make more money without leaving home.  Your unused belongings may have value on the second-hand market, so selling-off unneeded items is a fast-track to increased earnings.

Modern marketing methods make it easier than ever to connect with buyers, so liquidating possessions for cash doesn’t require a substantial time commitment.  On the contrary, electronic listings are a breeze to create, promoting your goods on sites like eBay and Craigslist.  Specialized marketplaces focus on individual niches, particularly in the collectibles market, where narrow-interest sites target captive audiences interested in buying certain types of merchandise.  To command the highest prices for your sales, research forums and market the items directly to interest parties.

Yard sales represent another forum for passing-on preowned goods.  On the day of your event, post big-ticket items for sale on local sites like Craigslist, and price routine items for quick sale, offering great deals on things you no longer need.  Popular preowned sales categories include the following:

  • Bicycles
  • Furniture
  • Children’s clothes
  • Gently-used electronics
  • Collectibles
  • Designer garments

Earn seasonal income

When a short-term income opportunity is all that’s needed to correct financial imbalance – perhaps resulting from a one-time unexpected spending demand; seasonal employment can help fill the coffers.  Fourth-quarter retail employers, for instance, may only require you to work for several weeks, during the busiest shopping season.  And since November and December are busy months across-the-board, you may also be able to find seasonal work in the hospitality industry, or as a driver or delivery agent.

Work side jobs

Earning supplemental income is easiest in your own field, because the learning curve is short and you can make money efficiently.  As long as there is no conflict of interest in your way, it may be possible for you to generate income on the side.  Tradespeople, for example, commonly conduct independent business, completing side projects for friends and family.  Union rules or your primary employer’s policies may interfere with your eligibility for side work, but extending your income with your existing skill set is worth exploring.  Accounting professionals preparing personal tax returns, beauticians cutting hair at home, and trained arborists trimming neighborhood trees are three examples of ambitious earners putting their expertise to work on the side.

Provide a service

One of the challenges facing those in need of additional income is working-in money-makers alongside their primary responsibilities.  If you work a conventional job, for instance, nights and weekends may be the only times you are available to generate additional cash flow.  When time is limited, a casual service business might be just the thing to stimulate earnings, on your own time.  Charge for these services to boost earnings:

  • Snow removal
  • Rides
  • Prepared meals
  • Child care
  • House cleaning
  • Yard care
  • Other vital services….

When spending outpaces income, the unsustainable condition disrupts every aspect of your financial life.  And since cost-cutting measures don’t always correct the imbalance, an income boost may be required to catch-up and restore equilibrium.  Service jobs, seasonal work, and online sales represent realistic money-makers that can put cash in your pocket today.

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