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The day of love is upon us. Valentine’s Day is when we celebrate those we cherish and adore. Boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and partners. We declare to the world “I love you!” with flowers, candy, and romantic get aways. Unfortunately, our lives get so busy that we forget ANY day can be Valentine’s Day. No, I don’t mean buying gifts or eating heart shaped chocolate. You can celebrate your love every day with things that are quite simple, but very effective. Here are 4 Things You Always Have Time For: The Love Edition


Sure, we all have hectic mornings. The alarm didn’t go off. The kids decided they don’t like the first 10 pairs of socks you picked out. The coffee maker just spit your fair trade blend all over the counter. We know because we’ve been there.

It’s easy to just continue with your chaos control while yelling “Yeah! Ok! Bye!” as your partner leaves for the day or you shuffle out the door yourself. A kiss takes less than 1 minute. And the effects last all day.  Set down what you’re doing, walk over, and give a peck. You both will be glad you did.

10 things you always have time for


It’s the end of the day and you notice your partner isn’t quite….themselves. Maybe they are quiet, withdrawn, or just grumpy. Take one moment to ask, “Is everything okay?” You may be surprised to hear something like, “Yes, I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep well last night.” and your other half knows you cared enough to not only notice, but also enquire. If  there’s a longer explanation, listen for as long as you can and then – gently – say something like, “I really want to hear the full story, but I have to (insert your task here). How about we snuggle up on the couch later and then I can give you my full attention.”


It’s hard…listening to someone complain. Especially if you’ve had a bad day yourself. But, if you take a few moments to just listen to your partner’s complaints, you probably won’t have to do much more. Most often, when someone we care about says, “My day stunk!” they don’t actually want you to fix it. They just want someone to listen, nod, and maybe give a good hug.

If you’ve both had lousy days – it feels great to pick a time later to just air it all out. Have a complain-a-thon together. Then shove tons of popcorn in your mouth while you watch a funny movie and chase the grumpies away.

10 things you always have time for


Does your other half do things around the house without being asked? Did you notice they got a new haircut? Did their boss give them praise for a job well done? Make a point to say something. It could be as big a gesture as giving them a “free day” for working so hard on that project you requested, or as small as saying, “Hey… you really look nice today.”

Sometimes it only takes a moment to make someone’s day and boost their self esteem. Think of the last time a friend or even stranger gave you a compliment you weren’t expecting. Didn’t it give you a little bounce in your step for the rest of the day? Imagine how much more effective it is when passed on to someone you love.

Welly Merck Knows All About Love – it was built from a story made for romance novels.

It’s a classic tale: American boy (named Merck) meets Swiss girl (named Welly). The two fell in love at first sight. They soon had to travel back to their own countries, but their affection and passion continued even with the distance. Nothing could fade their hopes and plans for the future.

There were difficulties. But, they overcame them with the blessing of friends and relatives. Merck came to Switzerland and finally married his beloved girl Welly. To memorialize their own love story, the two created their own watch brand “Welly Merck” – named after the marriage of their two names.

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Welly Merck believes that anyone who loves luxury watches should be able to buy one – without heavy markups. You won’t find these gems in retail stores anywhere, because Welly Merck sells directly to their customers.

The perfect combination of Swiss watchmaking, modern technology, and beautiful style; these watches (for men and women) are sure to delight watch lovers of all kinds.

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Welly Merck sent me the women’s Classic Basel 36mm in white. I’m absolutely in love with it.

Can I tell you a secret? I haven’t owned a watch in 20 years. Really! Two reasons: I’m ridiculously picky and my wrists are so small that they never fit me properly. If I did find a style I liked, I would have to spend time removing links (hoping I didn’t break anything) just so it wouldn’t slide off my hand.

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So how is my Welly Merck watch different? It’s gorgeous, for starters! I love that it’s both chic and modern at the same time. I also don’t have to worry about the size. The wrist band slides in and out of a catch, so you can adjust it to any size you need. No work required! I can wear a watch that fits just right without having to adjust or remove anything.

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If you have discerning taste in luxury watches, then browse the Welly Merck Watch Collection today. Available in men’s and women’s, with both dress and sport styles.