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5 Disney Rides Totally Worth The Wait!

Wait times at amusement parks are the worst and wait times for Disney rides are exceptionally longer than a lot of your typical amusement parks. Some Disney rides have rides that will reach multiple hour wait times and you have to stop and think to yourself, is it really worth waiting in line that long for a few minutes of fun on that ride?

Today I am going to be sharing my personal favorite 5 Disney rides that I am definitely willing to wait in a long line for.

Here are the Top 5 Disney Rides that are TOTALLY Worth The Wait!

1. Rock n Roller Coaster w/ Aerosmith: This one is located at Hollywood Studios and this ride is awesome. You get to go through a fast ride in a limousine while jamming out to tunes from Aerosmith. The ride is really fast, and it is an indoor rollercoaster so it tends to get a little dark but that makes it that much more fun for me. This wait time tends to get above an hour long but it’s not too bad.

2. The Haunted Mansion: You can find the Haunted Mansion located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. This one is and probably always will be one of my all-time favorite rides. Although it is a simple ride that you just sit and ride through the mansion, I love seeing all of the different ghosts and creatures through your experience. Not to mention I love that waiting in line is part of the experience, I won’t spoil the surprise if you’ve never been but even waiting in line is a cool experience for this one.

3. Tower of Terror: Here’s another that can be found at Hollywood Studios and it is probably my favorite ride in all of the parks! The tower of terror is an experience like no other as you take a seat in the elevator and experience it dropping you so fast that it is truly terrifying. This one is not recommended for the little ones but if you have older kids or you are looking for a great ride for yourself, the wait time is definitely worth it for this one.

4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: You can find this one in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. You have to get there early to get a spot on this one, otherwise be prepared for a long wait! This one averages wait times around at least an hour and I have seen it get all the way up to over 3 hours!! It is a awesome ride but extremely popular so get there fast if you want to ride.

5. Kilimanjaro Safaris: Kilimanjaro Safaris is located an Animal Kingdom and it is an awesome experience. It’s like going to the zoo but you get to experience it riding on the tram and you can see the wildlife roaming about, it is an awesome experience, but the wait time does sometimes get up to around an hour. The wait time tends to go pretty quickly however because there are a few trams running at once.

Wait times are definitely no fun and it is the worst when you wait an extra-long time and then the ride just did not meet your expectations. That is why I wanted to share with you a few rides that are my favorites and I personally think are well worth the wait. If you are planning a trip to Disney soon, be sure to check out the attractions for sure!

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