5 Quick and Simple 10 Minute Meals

Quick and simple 10 minute meals are what’s on my mind now that the kids are back to school!

Between the chaotic after school schedules, homework, the surprise “MOM I HAVE TO BE AT SCHOOL AT 5 INSTEAD OF 6”, and then actually planning dinner and having something that I can throw together easily that is both healthy and yummy is a struggle all in itself!

5 quick and easy 10 minute meals

Can you relate to this picture??  I know I’ve been this Mom more then once in my life!  LOL!

I mean, let’s be honest for a minute. We’ve all served cereal for dinner at least once as a parent (it’s okay, you don’t have to admit you’ve done that before; we all have!). All the while scolding ourselves that we didn’t think of a better dinner plan.

Life is crazy when you have kids. I openly admit there are times when it dawns on me that I have NO idea what we are going to have for dinner when they are getting off the bus! Yeah, not my best Mom moments; but that is ok. We are human and if you are like me, your mind is going 1000 miles a minute and you are like “squirrel” every other minute.

I admit that I’m not a fan of eating out a lot; especially for dinner. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing better then a quick meal, however, when I am thinking about a healthy and yummy meal that will fill the kid’s tummies without breaking the budget, not always is fast food an option; or least I used to think so.

That is until we discovered Boston Market! They have delicious, healthy, and quick meals that are perfect for those crazy after school schedules! They are a Mom’s best friend!

Here are 5 Quick and Simple 10 Minute Meals thanks to Boston Market’s Curbside pickup that will have your family sitting down and enjoying a warm and comforting dinner!

5 quick and simple 10 minute meals boston market

1. Whole Rotisserie Chicken – Great for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow! Did I mention these are only $1.99 when you purchase any Family Meal through October 28, 2018?
2. Quarter Chicken with Quarter Rack of BBQ Ribs

5 quick easy 10 minute meals boston market
3. Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie

5 quick easy 10 minute meals boston market 2
4. Meatloaf topped with Hickory Ketchup

5 quick easy 10 minute meals boston market
5. Mac ‘n Cheese

5 quick easy 10 minute meals boston market

What did you think of those photos? Don’t they look delish? Those meals were perfect! Comforting yet filling! My family loved them! Oh, and let’s talk about that made-from scratch cornbread! Sweet and perfect!

And this stuffing??!!!  It was so savory and good!

5 Quick and Yummy 10 Minute Meals

If your family are more fans of turkey, they’ve got you covered! Soup or Salad more of your thing? They have that too! Oh and did I mention they also have dessert?!

Serving up a family meal from Boston Market is like serving up dinner that you’ve prepared in your own kitchen! And a bonus about ordering from Boston Market? If you order extra, you have leftovers the next day at work!

Boston Market is making our crazy nights a lot calmer! Thanks to their new online delivery options thanks to Grubhub and DoorDash and their curbside pickup offerings, dinner planning has never been easier! Did I mention that their chicken is fresh, never frozen and gluten free?

You really must add your local Boston Market to your contact list in your phone! Do you have a spouse who wants meat/potatoes for every meal? I do! So, the fact that he is okay with a home style rotisserie meal from Boston Market as dinner is perfect!


More About Boston Market

Boston Market has given time back to busy families and individuals for more than 30 years with quality, home style meals at a convenient value in more than 450 U.S. locations. Known as the experts in rotisserie cooking, the company prepares fresh chicken, turkey and USDA choice Prime Rib in signature rotisserie ovens and features an extensive selection of home style sides and made-from scratch cornbread. As one of the country’s largest providers of catering services, Boston Market offers convenient, same-day orders and delivery for corporate and personal events of all sizes. In January 2017, Boston Market officially launched its “Quality Guarantee,” which acts as a continued commitment to all guests that Boston Market will serve all-natural and fresh, never frozen, gluten free, whole chicken with no added hormones, steroids, antibiotics or MSG.


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  1. I applied for this campaign, so jelly, after twisting both ankles and spraining my wrist this summer and surviving a house fire, cooking has been the last thing on my mind! Fast food has been what I have been living on most of the summer.

    1. Oh man! You really need a vacation! I hope you are on the mend soon and good things start happening for your family soon! I can’t even imagine going through a house fire! Glad you all are ok! And to add in sprains, well, needless to say you have so paid your dues! Sending positive vibes your way!

    1. Thanks! It was so good! It’s a great way to get home cooking without having to do it yourself! And their prices are great for family budgets!

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