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5 Ways To Clean Up with ZEP Instant Spot Remover Towels

zep instant spot remover towels

I’m sharing five ways you can clean faster and easier as part of a sponsored campaign with Socialstars #ZepSocialstars


With a five year old running around the house, things can get messy. He’s always on the go, so he doesn’t want to sit still – even when he’s snacking, crafting or sipping his juice. That means spills, smudges and smears happen. I’ve found everything from smushed cheese to grape juice finger prints all through the house (and a lot of mystery stains I still haven’t figured out). Before I would grab a sponge and soapy water and start scrubbing. Now, thanks to Zep Commercial, I can grab a towel and then grab the spot – fast.

Here are five ways I’ve come to love the power of Zep Instant Spot Remover Towels in our home.

zep instant spot remover towels furniture 2

Our living room couch is command central. The whole family sits there, eats there, and naps there. It’s a high traffic area and we have to clean it often. The Zep easy to use towels blot stains away quickly and they’re effective on oil, food, pet stains, grease, tar and more.

zep instant spot remover towels THROW PILLOWS

Who likes to wash throw pillows? I’m guessing you did not raise your hand. Me either. It’s a task, especially after you dry them and suddenly they don’t fit in the case anymore. With Zep, cleaning your pillows is on-the-spot and convenient. No more taking them apart and hoping they make it through another wash without falling apart. Just pull a Zep Spot Remover Towel, blot, rub and watch the towel dissolve and absorb the stain.

zep instant spot remover towels rugs

ZEP Commercial Instant Spot Remover Towels are great for removing tough stains on carpet and rugs. The dual texture is strong and won’t break down, even scrubbing high pile carpets after a juice cup accident. True Story. And, unlike scrubbing with soapy water and a sponge, you won’t be left with a soggy spot that grosses everyone out when they accidentally step on it later.

zep instant spot remover towels clothes

Because ZEP Commercial Instant Spot Remover Towels are formulated to be gentle on your furniture and carpet fabrics, I also use them on my (casual, everyday) clothing. I’ve started taking a few in a plastic baggy in my purse. If I happen to drop something on my clothes while I eat away from home, I can quickly dab a towel on it and control the damage.

zep instant spot remover towels car

I was amazed at how well it removed set-in stains on my car seats! I swear, I’m not messy – but I do spend a lot of hours in my car. Between running the kids around, shopping, travel and more, a lot of things get dropped, spilled and splashed. This stain on my front passenger seat has been there since last year. I gave it a quick pat and then rub with a ZEP Commercial Instant Spot Remover Towel and it…was….gone.  I’ll be buying another canister just for my car. Bonus: as long as you make sure your canister lid is always closed, the towels won’t dry out.


ZEP Commercial Instant Spot Remover Towels are available at your local Home Depot for $8.97