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7 Things To Tell Yourself Every Day

7 things to tell yourself every day happiness

Our words have power. Everything you say to yourself – either in thought or out loud – has an impact on your self view. Words either lift us up, or bring us down. By making the choice to say positive things to ourselves throughout the day, we can experience more natural, powerful happiness. Here are 7 Things To Tell Yourself Every Day.

1. I Am Amazing

These three words can help prevent you from falling into a slump of self-hatred. Too many individuals do not have respect for themselves and forget that they really are amazing, beautiful and one of a kind – in so many ways. Repeat this any time you’re feeling down or doubting yourself.

2. I Am Grateful

Gratefulness is a sure way to gain happiness. When you are grateful, you are making an effort to remind yourself of the good things in your life. In turn, this positive attitude attracts even more good things. But it takes more than saying, you must actually find things to be grateful for: the weather, family, health, or even just a perfect cup of coffee during a hectic morning.

3. I Love Myself No Matter What

Love Yourself. We’re told that constantly, but do we really practice it? We can be our own worst critic. If you feel as though you haven’t quite gotten to a point of full self-love and respect, then repeat these words until you do. Say them when you are pleased with yourself, as well as when you are angry and disappointed in yourself.

4. I Am a Magnet to Good Things

Believing that good things and positive situations are headed your way, will actually help them do so. Thinking of yourself as a magnet to everything that is amazing will draw those things to you. Your self-confidence and positive spirit attract what they put out. Make a point to surround yourself with positive people and situations any time possible and you will see your life becoming more productive and encouraging.

5. I Attract Healthy People into My Life

Even in the best circumstances, the wrong people will keep us from going far. Create a circle of friends who are hopeful and positive just as you are. Make friends with people who lift you up, even if they are feeling down – and for whom you wish to do the same. Avoid drama, gossip, and bickering. Don’t be tempted to get sucked into someone’s negative energy.

6. I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To

Believing in yourself and having confidence in what you can achieve will take you far. When you know that you can do anything you set your mind to, you will find unlimited happiness in that knowledge. Speak these words when you are struggling to change your situation, and know that you have the power it takes to do so.

7. I Have a Purpose

No matter how much money a person makes or how much they accomplish, life will feel pointless and void without a sense of purpose. There are plenty of books written on the subject that can help you analyze your life and find out what your specific purpose is.

Think about the things you love and are drawn to, and what gives you your greatest feeling of satisfaction. You have something special to offer the world, and this phrase reminds you of that fact.

Our words hold much power, and positive self talk is a great way to set us on the path to happiness. When you use your words to bring positive things into your life, you will find happiness. Speak love to yourself and find out what a difference it can make.