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…because you can love motherhood AND “me time”.

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{Originally launched as RemakingJuneCleaver in 2009} MomSkoop is dedicated to informing and empowering both parts of moms: the parent and the woman. MomSkoop readers love activities with the kids, but they also cherish those quiet moments where they get to pamper themselves. Our readers are gorgeous go-getters! Always moving on to conquer a new project, no matter if it’s printing out invitations for their child’s upcoming birthday, finding new ways to save money, or planning out the easiest way to remodel their home office. We travel, plan, shop, workout, learn, guide, explore…and most of all: enjoy. Everything.


About The Editor: Meet Kenda


momskoop editorHi! My name is Kenda Smith and I’m the founder & editor for MomSkoop.

In 2009 I was pregnant with my second child and trying desperately to get out of web design and into something I’d actually love to work on each day. After encouragement from friends, I decided to start my own parenting blog. Over the years the site has transformed along with my parenting milestones, eventually becoming the mom info hub you found today.

I live in Massachusetts with my husband, Dan, and our two sons: Kellin (now 20 & on his own) and Eli (who is 7 and takes up way too much time for me to be sad that we don’t have any pets).   Contact:

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Featured On / Written For:, Technorati Women, SheSpeaks, Spry, Fandango Family Room, Woman’s Day Magazine [print], CBS Boston , and PULSE Magazine

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