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Bambi 75th Anniversary Edition Movie Party!

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I can’t wait until Bambi’s 75th Anniversary Edition comes out on Tuesday! Bambi is such a classic Disney movie that has stood the test of time. I admit I have shed a few tears watching that movie as a child AND as an adult! Granted my kids love all of the new animated Disney movies, however, it’s my goal to instill the love I have for the older classics into their hearts and minds.

In honor of the release of the Anniversary edition, we decided to throw together a quick and easy Bambi 75th Anniversary Edition Movie Party today!

Bambi Anniversary Edition Party

I found some inspiration on Pinterest for the party. I looked all over a city near us for the figurines. I decided to order them on Amazon and thanks to Prime, they were here in two days!!

Let me just say, we didn’t put a lot of expense into this party. This was just a family party and we like to do themes with our meals to make meal time more exciting for our kids as well as memorable. The main thing is, they get to participate in the planning as well as the making of the meals. My husband was in charge of the Pork, the kids took care of the fruit, my oldest took the photos and I did the rest.

For our meal, we had Hearty BBQ Sliders (Pork BBQ), Twigs (aka Pretzel Sticks), Liquid Sunshine (Lemonade), Mushroom Trees (aka Grape tomatoes and mozzarella cubes), Friend Owl’s Fruit ( aka fruit plate) and Forest Berries (aka blueberries). Simple, fun and easy to prepare! Remember the key part of any party is just having fun! Let your kids be involved, don’t stress and just enjoy! It’s so easy to come up with themes and make any lunch/dinner time fun! The way parties should be!

Here are some pictures of our Bambi 75th Anniversary Edition party!

Bambi Anniversary Edition Party

I found the wood coaster at a local thrift store of all places and the placemat was a whole $1.79 on clearance at Kohl’s!


Bambi Anniversary Edition Party

I can’t find who the original poster of the owl is on Pinterest. If it happens to be you, let me know. This was a fantastic idea!

Bambi Anniversary Edition Party

For the life of me today I couldn’t find out original Bambi book. I know we have one. Thankfully we also had Bambi Grows Up! We will be reading that before bed this week!




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