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Our Review of Beauty And The Beast

With our crazy schedules, there are very few days when we have down time. So when our calendar showed a free day for this afternoon, I planned a Girls Day and my daughters and I went to see Beauty And The Beast! It was amazing and so better than what I expected! You know it’s a good movie when your 5 yr old hardly moves and your 14 yr old is just as engrossed! Let alone the fact that there were more adults without kids at the showing spoke volumes as to what theatre goers expected!

I happened to read an article this morning that said that Beauty And The Beast expected to break the record for a PG rated show on opening weekend as it was expected to make $170 million! I believe it because we had to wait 30 minutes in line to just get our tickets! Considering we had already bought them and just had to wait to get to the top was insane!

One thing I will say about the movie is there. There was a lot of discussion about a certain scene in the movie. I saw the scene. It didn’t make me think twice about what I saw. I wasn’t even ashamed my daughters saw it. I asked my oldest what she thought about the scene. She point blank said, “It was two men dancing together in a movie for less than a minute, so what?”. That’s all it is. I am a Christian and that in no way at all offended me. I see much more worse on TV on a regular basis and that’s one of the reasons I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore.

Ok, so back to the movie. There are a lot of darker scenes in the movie which play beautifully into the theme of a dark and cold castle and a cold-hearted beast!


Gaston was his evil and two-faced egomaniac as always. Luke Evans, the actor who played Gaston, did a great job with singing! The scene where he and LeFou are in Tavern is actually quite good. His sheer evilness shines in the movie when Maurice refused to give Belle’s hand to Gaston in marriage.

Belle was played beautifully by Emma Watson! I’ve watched several of interviews and thought it was interesting how she perceived her singing. I thought she did a amazing job!

Dan Stevens did a tremendous job as the Beast! When the movie is nearing the end and you see to what links he would go to to get to Belle as well as what he would do to save her was beautiful portrayed.

I think my favorite part of the movie was Belle and Beast’s first dance together.

At the end of the movie when the castle is being restored, one of the ladies from the village recognizes her husband, Cogsworth. She comes running to him and he cries out, “the clock, the clock, turn me back into the clock”. The adults in the audience all started laughing. Of course the kids didn’t get it but the rest of us did!

This live-animation showing of Beauty And The Beast was beautifully done! There were tears and laughter and that is always a great thing in a movie! If you are looking for a great family movie that will definitely be another classic, then this is the one to see. I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD so we can buy a copy!

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