BenQ Eye-Care Monitor Review

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor Review

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor

This monitor offers plenty of room to work, featuring a 27 inch monitor and space-saving base.

While there are many features such as blue light reduction, brightness intelligence, and custom color settings – the clunky interface and higher price tag may turn some buyers off.

Pros: Space-saving / Easy assembly / Custom Settings / Multiple Features

Cons: Lackluster Resolution *when editing /Counterintuitive / High Price / Most features are manual

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BenQ EW2770QZ Review

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor Key Features

  • Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology for Better Eye Care: Reduce eye strain in any lighting environment, colors stay original for a picture perfect content.
  • A Stylish and Customizable Design for any Interior: 4-side ultra-slim bezel monitor and VESA wall mount compatibility.
  • Optimizing Your Viewing Experience: Rec.709/100% sRGB, 8-bit color display, Smart Focus, Super Resolution.
  • Caring for Your Eyes: Low Blue Light, Flicker-free, eye comfort certification.
  • Average Retail Price:  $399 – $500

benq EW2770QZ eye care monitor blue light blocking


Overall, the design of the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor is pleasing. A slim arm and space-saving base make good use of desk area so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. I’ve been testing the model as a second monitor to my 24″ iMac and I never felt it was cumbersome or hogged too much of my work space.

Side Note: I do wish more monitor manufacturers offered full silver on their models to go with a lighter office and/or electronics theme. The black is a stark contrast to everything else in my office, but that’s obviously a matter of preference and not effectiveness.


A+ because this aspect is super easy. The BenQ Eye-Care Monitor is plug-n-play with any HDMI compatible (or adaptable) computer. For PC computers, it should only take you one step to light up and use your new monitor with the included HDMI cord. For Mac users, like myself, you will need an adapter. I recommend THIS ONE I use on my own system.


This is where things get a bit sticky. There are 9 different menus and several sub-settings within each menu. While it’s great to have so many features to choose from, don’t expect your back panel to help you get started.

There are no labels.

This is because you have the ability to customize which buttons do what. If you are the type of person who likes to do some serious tweaking, you’ll be happy. But, if you prefer intuitive design, you might find yourself grumbling as you memorize which menu contains which feature. Luckily, pushing any button will bring up the menu to begin with.

benq EW2770QZ eye care monitor assembly

No matter if you customize or not, if you want to get the full value from all of these features – you’re going to spend a lot of time pushing buttons. Similar to television settings on older tv models, you’ll need to push up and down arrows for just about anything – repeatedly. If you want to set it and forget it, you’ll be fine. But to get all the benefits of this monitor requires frequent changes.

benq EW2770QZ bluelight monitor settings 1

Smart Focus

One feature I was excited about was the Smart Focus, found under Advanced Picture. It provides the window option of darkening the screen except for the specific area you are concentrating on, such as video or text.

benq eye care monitor picture focus

I thought it would be modified more easily, perhaps a button trigger and then move the window with a mouse or keyboard arrows. No such luck. You’ll be pressing those arrows again to change size and location. The settings don’t track either. If you need to scroll or move to a different screen – you’ll have to start over.

Blue Light, Brightness Intelligence, and Picture Mode

The Brightness Intelligence (auto brightness) feature is effective and works like similar features on smart phone, knowing when to brighten or dim according to the room lighting. You can also set your own duration.

Picture Mode is probably the coolest feature for everyday users. You can switch between settings like Low Blue Light, Cinema, Game, Photo, and more. While I’m not able to attest to how much Blue Light is actually being blocked, switching through the settings makes it obvious that you are getting different results.

BenQ Eye Care Monitor Picture Mode Examples
BenQ Eye Care Monitor Picture Mode Examples

Unfortunately, as a frequent editor of photo and video, I’m not impressed with the color accuracy of that settings. When compared to the calibrated display on my iMac, the colors for Photo seem overly blue and washed out. Images also seem to have a subtle reduction in sharpness overall. While there is a ‘super resolution’ setting, it’s more suited for sharpening low res video and much too harsh for photography.

BenQ EW2770QZ Eye-Care Monitor : Summary

Looking for something to protect against eye strain and insomnia from blue light? This monitor will give you exactly what you’re searching for.

Love fancy features? Be prepared to put in some time to customize and use them. If that’s something you’re used to or don’t mind tackling, you’re going to enjoy what this monitor offers.

Just looking for a new, larger flatscreen monitor?  Both the price and the features may be outside of your actual needs.