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6 Best Tips For Decluttering Any Room of Your House

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These days it seems everyone is talking about getting organized. Our lives get more hectic with each year, each child, each new job. When it comes to getting organized, the key element is decluttering. Where to start? here are our 6 Best Tips For Decluttering.


6 Best Tips For Decluttering

You may be thinking, “I want to get organized!” and you’re ready for a change. But, you’re also thinking, “I love all my stuff!”.  Join the club. Even the thought of getting rid of some of my things makes me anxious and sad. Having guidelines along the way will help eliminate some of that stress. It’s time to be brave and take steps toward living a clutter-free life.

Vow to Bring Less Home

The most important rule to set before you even begin to remove items is to make a sincere effort to bring less stuff in. There’s no point in putting all the effort into decluttering if you’re just going to replace it with new things. Making yourself a promise to start shopping for need instead of want is the first step to sticking with your organizing and decluttering goals.

Document Your Nostalgic Things

This is not only one of the best tips for decluttering, but it’s also one of my favorites.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that can lead us to hold onto clutter. An effective compromise is to digitize your prized possessions. You can scan the images of things like certificates or kids’ artwork into your computer and organize them into folders. For three-dimensional pieces like trophies or prom dresses, take a photo of the item to add to your digital keepsakes.

Start Small and Simple

When you’re first deciding how to declutter, all of the stuff can be daunting! One way to gain momentum in the paring down process is to start with the easy things. Begin boxing up items that don’t hold much emotional attachment. Doing so will lead to a sense of accomplishment and provide motivation for you to keep going when the decision-making becomes tougher.

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Lose the Duplicates

Another relatively easy decluttering task involves getting rid of unnecessary duplicate items. So take a moment to go through your home and gather up all your duplicate articles of clothing, dish sets and books. Then sort through them, keeping only your favorite colored piece or the one that is in the best condition.

Get Rid Of The Guilt

An empowering decluttering strategy is to get rid of things you’ve been holding onto out of guilt. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for that stylish coat if it’s not being used, and unwanted gifts are something else you should part with immediately. These things are yours. The decision of whether to keep them is also yours.

tips for decluttering

Put Things in Their Place

Another way to bring organization to your home is to make sure all of your possessions have a designated place and always return them there. Knowing where stuff belongs makes it easier to keep everything tidy and lowers the chance of clutter becoming a recurring problem.

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These best tips for decluttering aren’t the definitive last word on clearing things out, and they won’t remove all of the difficulties from the process. Hopefully, though, they will serve as guidelines to help you begin your own decluttering journey.