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Conquer Your Microwave Mess

Zep Microwave Miracle Cleaner ZepSocialstars

This article about a fast way to clean your microwave features Zep Commercial® Microwave Miracle as part of an ongoing ambassadorship for Socialstars #ZepSocialstars

In our house, leftovers are king. It’s not unusual to hear someone say, “Man…this was already good. But, it’s even better now!” It’s something about the flavors sinking into the food or maybe we’re just more hungry the next day? No matter the reason, we’re always popping a plate in the microwave to get a second helping of something we love.

Unfortunately, that simple habit becomes more complicated when you’ve got a teenager reheating meals and snacks. I’m amazed that he can remember every episode of his favorite tv show, but not to put a napkin or cover on his food before he warms it in the microwave. Once he even microwaved instant mac n’ cheese…without adding the water. The smell…wow. The point is: our microwave gets splattered, splashed, popped and covered in all manner of food bits on a regular basis.

microwave miracle zep mess zepsocialstars

Confession: I avoid the microwave as much as possible. Oh, I USE it. I just don’t like to CLEAN it. Scrubbing all the curves, corners and trying to maneuver around in an 18″ box is not my idea of a quick or easy task. Which cleaner do I use? My cabinet is full, but I always stand there like I’ve never cleaned anything before. Will this one make my food smell like chemicals? Is the other one toxic…I can’t remember. Will that one even make a dent in the stroganoff from Tuesday?

zepsocialstars microwave miracle

Then I got this little yellow bottle in the mail from Zep Commercial®. I already use several other Zep cleaning supplies so I was excited to try out Microwave Miracle. I know what you’re thinking: “Miracle? There’s no such thing.” Oh, but wait….

Microwave Miracle Zep ZepSocialStars 2

This foaming cleaner will make removing food and buildup from the inside of your microwave an easy task in 2 minutes or less.  It only takes 3 easy steps and you’ll be best friends with your microwave again.

Microwave Miracle ZepSocialStars

  • Step 1 – Spray enough Microwave Miracle into your microwave to coat all the areas that have food build up.
  • Step 2 – Close your microwave and run it (empty) for 1-2 minutes. Note: If you have a large, powerful microwave you may want to start with 30 – 45 seconds so that the foam doesn’t dry out before it’s done. For my microwave (1000 watts) one (1) minute was perfect.
  • Step 3 – After you let your microwave cool for a few seconds, wipe down the inside with a paper towel or rag. Wet or dry – both will work.

That’s it. You’re done! Your microwave is steam cleaned (even those hard to reach spots) and, as a nice bonus, your microwave and kitchen now have a pleasant citrus scent. It really is that easy.

I’ve already shared this with my husband (he scrubs the microwave more than I do) and we’ll definitely be picking up more of Zep Microwave Miracle at Home Depot when this one runs out. And it will run out because I’m excited to use it again.

Did I just say I’m excited about cleaning my microwave? Yes, yes I did.