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Crib Bedding Sets that are the PERFECT Holiday Gift!

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Crib Bedding Sets may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a gift idea for a family that is expecting or are new parents, however, it’s really a gift that’s perfect for the holidays!

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Mom Skoop

When you find out you are expecting that precious little buddle of joy, everything comes into your mind at a super fast pace!  You can’t think straight, you are like we need this, we need that, how are we going to do all of this in six to nine months!  This is especially the case if you are first time parents.  The second time definitely seems easier but it’s still just as crazy, but in a different way, as you are also raising another little person plus taking care of all of their needs.

Crib Bedding Sets

When we were waiting for the arrival of our oldest, back then the design choices for a nursery were pretty basic.  Granted it was only 17 years ago (man, that seems like forever as far as retail goes), but the selection wasn’t like it was now.  I mean, let’s face it, when you are looking at all of the Crib Bedding Sets, let alone all of the nursery design choices, it can be very, very overwhelming!

Crib Bedding Sets

As they say, all great inventions start by discovering a problem.  That is how Carousel Designs, which is run now by Jonathan Hartley, came to be.  He was inspired by his wife, who was expecting their first baby and he created the Nursery Designer.  The Nursery Designer is a fabulous online tool that lets you design the perfect nursery AND you can totally see it online before you purchase the items!

Now, before we go any further, I know you have some questions, such as:


It’s a great holiday gift idea for expecting parents!  You can gift them a nursery or items for their nursery!  The parents can go online, design the baby’s nursery, let their friends/family know what items they want, and the gift giver can help create the gorgeous room fit for the little prince or princess!


With their terrific online designer, you can totally customize the EXACT look you are going for!  Unlike in typical crib bedding sets where everything is sometimes a little too matchy with the same pattern, you can totally add in the colors and patterns you are looking for.


YES!  Another great thing about Carousel Designs is how they also have bedding for OLDER kids!  How cool is that!  You can totally not only design a new nursery, you can also redecorate your older child’s room!

I have had the opportunity to work with Carousel Designs and not only try out their nursery designer online tool, but I was also able to recreate a new look for my youngest. The ability to design a room is so cool! I really wish I would have had this for both of my children. My kids are nine years apart so we actually went with a totally different nursery theme for our second.  This would have made life so much simpler!

Even though my youngest is 7, Carousel Designs brought the new vision we had for her room into place!  I mean look at this bedding!!  Her duvet covers are gorgeous!

So are you still wondering if a new Mom would really want crib bedding sets for a holiday gift?  Let’s put it into perspective.  Carousel Designs has so many gorgeous and stylish designs and styles that parents can totally create the look they want.  Another reason that I know that any Mom would love this as a gift is because they are a company making sure that “Mom gets what Mom wants”.  And that begs the question why shouldn’t she?

Head over and check out their site.  You won’t be disappointed in the quality at all!  Too bad they didn’t make designs in bigger sizes.  Just saying it would be awesome if it came in a King size!
Do you know any new parents on your holiday gift list this year?  If so, pin this now so you’ll have it for later!
Crib Bedding Sets
Photos of the nursery crib bedding sets are the courtesy of Carousel Designs.