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Disney Tips for First Timers – How to Make Your First Visit Magical!

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If you are planning your first trip to Walt Disney World, you might begin to feel overwhelmed. Where do you begin? Below you will find some Disney tips for first timers, to help make your first trip magical and less stressful! These tips and tricks are an insiders look on how you can experience Disney at it’s fullest, and really enjoy your trip!

Disney Tips First Timers
Disney Tips for First Timers #1: My Disney Experience App

This is a free app – My Disney Experience that will share wait times for rides and attractions, maps, FastPass+ Reservations, and more. This is a great app to download to help keep you on track.


Disney Tips for First Timers #2: Wake up Call From a Character

If you are staying on-site, you can request a wake-up call from your favorite character. This is really fun for kids to hear their favorite character waking them up! Just put the phone on speaker so everyone can hear.

Disney Tips for First Timers #3: Rider Switch

When you are at Disney, they have a system that is called Rider Switch. This will allow an older member of your family to ride a ride while your little kids and rest of family wait. Then tell a cast member at any ride that has a height requirement you want to do a Ride Switch. Then they will give you a pass (similar to a FastPass) and then after you ride it, you can hand to the other part of your family (say spouse) and they can ride without waiting in line. It is a great way for adults to ride, and both parents get a chance to ride without waiting in long for a really long time.

Disney Tips for First Timers #4: Trading Pins with Cast Members or Guests

If you see people wearing pins, you can exchange pins with cast members or even other guest. You can buy these pin sets on eBay or even at Disney Stores. This is a pretty big thing a lot of guests do.

Disney Tips for First Timers #5: Rain Gear

Make sure to pick up some cheap ponchos or pack an umbrella in case you experience a shower or two while you are visiting. You can buy supplies on site but you will pay a steep price. Hit up your local Dollar Tree or shop online, for cheap gear to pack. Random showers happen often, and you don’t want to get drenched. Make sure to pack some strong sealing plastic bags for any rain storms, to seal your phones or electronics in as well.


Disney Tips for First Timers #6: Hollywood Studios

Disney Tips First Timers

If you decide to visit any of Hollywood Studio’s rides, be warned their googles don’t fit well over glasses. If you have contacts be sure to wear them. It will make the rides more enjoyable.

Disney Tips for First Timers #7: Hand Sanitizer and Comfortable Shoes

Pack hand sanitizer for you and your family. You will be touching handrails, seat belts, door handles and more, and let’s just say you might get some germ action. Make sure you have enough sanitizer for the whole family to use. Also pack really comfy shoes for each family member, as you will walk a ton.

Disney Tips for First Timers #8: Stroller

If you have little ones, you bet they will not want to walk the whole day, depending on what you do you could cover a lot of ground. Pack a stroller or rent one for the day to help lug your supplies around and your child when their feet get tired. This will save you from having to carry them!

Disney Tips for First Timers #9: Everything Takes Longer

Plan that everything will take longer than you plan. You have to work through lines, walk from one part of the park to another for rides and activities, so just plan for extra time. If you are using transportation, it might take even longer if the bus has delays, etc.

Disney Tips for First Timers #10: Plan Your Trip In Advance

This is one vacation destination you don’t want to just wing it with. Make sure to plan so that you can see the characters you want, and experience the rides your kid’s dream of. Read a variety of blogs, find tips on Pinterest and Facebook, and really plan your trip out. Know that things could go wrong or change, but for the most part plan. Try and get the most important items to happen in the first day or two you are there, just in case you run out of time. It truly is a magical experience, and everyone deserves to go and experience that.

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Disney Tips First Timers

What are other tips that you would share with those who are preparing to visit Disney for the first time? How was your first Disney experience? When you visited did you bring your kids? just your spouse? Did you go as a multi-generational family?

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