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Fall Staycation Ideas for Couples

fall anniversary staycation ideas

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Planning a Fall Staycation is a perfect plan for any budget! Plan a fun staycation and spend some time together in your immediate area to make for a great day of bonding. I’ve talked about the importance of spending one-on-one time with your spouse, and since a Fall Staycation can be totally versatile, what better way to create fun memories?

Fall is such a fabulous time of year and it’s the perfect time for a staycation! It’s the transition between Summer and Winter, it’s cooler outside, and it’s also a great time to spend time with your significant other! One of the reasons Fall is a great time to spend quality time together with your partner is because it’s not hot outside AND it’s not too cold to be outside! It’s great snuggling weather!

Check out this list of awesome Fall staycation ideas and celebrate your love, the way you deserve.

Fabulous and Inexpensive Fall Staycation Ideas:

A Day in Bed

Fall weather is some of the best for staying under cozy covers and shutting the world out for a day. Plan to spend a weekend day in bed and send the kids to their grandparents for a sleepover the night before so you and your spouse can spend time completely focused on each other.

Fall staycation for couples

Serve breakfast on the comfort of your mattress and have a cache of movies set up to make for a perfect day of vegging out. Stock your pantry up with popcorn and other savory snacks that you can munch on throughout the day.


Keep some board games nearby to make for a great break from your movie marathon, and spend the day talking. Make your bed more secluded and romantic by incorporating an inexpensive bed canopy and reconnect with each other while laughing at the latest comedy playing on your screen. Order a couple of luxurious throws, like these that are under $50, that you can share and snuggle together with!

Wine Tasting

If you live in an area with wineries, you’re set for the perfect staycation. Spend the day together sampling the grapes of your region and toast to your relationship.

Fall Staycation for Couples

If you’re not in an area rife with wineries, go to your local wine boutique and grab a few bottles. Bring them home and have your own day of tasting, complete with a charcuterie or cheese board that will make you feel like you have your own vineyard in the backyard. Not sure how to put together a charcuterie board? Head over to our post that contains tips on making your own charcuterie board!


Find the perfect items to help you celebrate an Autumn picnic. Order a picnic set with all the essentials and spend a crisp day in the park, enjoying the beautiful changing leaves before the weather gets too chilly to enjoy.

Spread some blankets on the grass, take a thermos of some delicious hot cider or hot cocoa, and munch away while gazing at the beautiful fall colors all around you. If you are looking for tips on how to prepare for this picnic, make sure to check out our tips for a perfect picnic!

A Seasonal Event

If you’re one of the lucky couples whose anniversary falls in the autumn months, you have plenty of seasonal events to take advantage of to plan the perfect Fall Staycation!

Fall Staycation Ideas Couples

Whether it’s exploring a local pumpkin patch for the picture perfect gourd, leaning on each other’s senses of direction in a corn maze, or picking apples straight off the branch at a local apple orchard, you likely have plenty of fall events to experience around your neighborhood—often for free or at a low price.

Camp in the Backyard

If you live in an area that doesn’t cool down too much in the fall months, then you are the perfect candidate for a backyard camping staycation.

Pitch a tent, throw an air mattress on the ground, and get in the spirit of camping—with the comforting knowledge that there’s running water and an easily accessible bathroom mere steps away. Roast some weenies over the fire, toast some marshmallows, and tell each other scary stories as you spend a fun Fall staycation evening under the stars. Not sure what to buy for this fun experience?

Check out our favorite essentials for a backyard camping experience.

Theme Park

Harken back to your childhood and take a day trip to a nearby theme park. The fall months mean cooler weather and shorter lines, and taking the day off work to go on a week day will help you further avoid crowds. Laugh together with exhilaration on ride after ride, and bring back some childlike innocence into your life.

Partake in some delicious funnel cake and corn dogs, and remind yourself of your first few months of dating by planning this teenager’s dream date.

Take a Drive

Some of the best talks occur on a long car drive, so spend some time reconnecting by exploring surrounding areas and taking in fall nature. This is a wonderful idea for those who live in areas with beautiful fall foliage. Create a mellow playlist, hop in the car, and spend a few hours exploring your extended neighborhood with new eyes. Bring some snacks with you in the car, or pick a destination lunch spot to enjoy.

Don’t let a tight budget and a busy lifestyle prevent you from enjoying a Fall Staycation with your significant other. Make this Fall special by planning a staycation that you’ll always remember and create some amazing memories.



*Photos courtesy of Pixabay and Canva.