Family Game Night Tradition and the Holidays

Family Game Night for our family is a tradition that we started when our oldest was a little girl. It’s one of those nights that all of us look forward to.

Family Game Night

Family Game Night is a night of no electronics, board games, popcorn, and just a fun night together as a family.  Our game night is on Sundays.  We rotate who gets to pick out a game or two and that is the games we play for the evening.

I think my husband and I’s love for board games comes from our childhood.  We both grew up in the 70/80s. You know that time in our country when NO ONE had cell phones!  Shocking I know right?!

We would spend hours playing different board games with our families and our friends.  There was nothing like an intense game of Twister with a group of friends!

There were many Christmases where we would actually ask for a board game as part of our gift list.  Whether it was Twister, UNO, or an old favorite like RACK-O, there was always a lot of excitement on Christmas morning when we saw the new board game under the tree!

Since our family loves playing board games, we buy a couple of new games each year to add to our Family Game Night collection!  That way we can continue our game night tradition with new games!

One of our favorite traditions on Christmas Day, after all of the toys and presents are unwrapped and lunch is over, we open up one of the new board games and play it with our extended family who come over for dinner.  It’s such a fun Christmas tradition that I hope continues when my children have families of their own.

The holidays are finally here and now is the time to create new holiday memories, remember those we have lost and to spend time with friends.

Here is a FREE printable entitled Christmas Fun in 5, that I think you will enjoy! There are several fun 5-minute activities you can do with  your friends and family over Christmas!

 photo Christmas-Fun-in-5-_-DOWNLOAD-ICON_450_zps7p5dhq8u.png

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Family Game Night Traditions and 4 Classic Board Games!

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