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Finding The Perfect Summer Dress (Even if it’s Dry Clean Only)

*This is a sponsored post.  Please refer to our disclosure policy.

Summer is finally here!  Honestly just a few weeks ago I was wondering if it would ever get here.  Of course now it’s here with a vengeance!

One of my favorite things about Summer is that I get to wear Summer dresses!  I normally don’t wear dresses throughout the year, however, wearing them in the Summer just makes sense!  You are cooler, you can go from day to night activities without having to change your clothes, and you can wear your favorite pair of sandals and still look fashionable!

The only problem I have with buying Summer dresses is the fabric.  Let’s face it there are simply adorable dresses out there that are dry clean only!  I know what you are thinking because I’ve done it.  I’ve bought the dress with the dry clean only tag and threw it in the washer on delicate and hoped it would come out ok. Come on now, you know you did.  Then that moment of truth when you pull it out and……sometimes it worked and others it didn’t.

What if I told you that you CAN still buy those dresses with that dry clean only tag AND that you can still clean them at home?  Sound too good to be true?  I’ll explain more towards the end of the article, but for now, let’s talk more about buying those Summer dresses and how to buy them.

Finding the Perfect Summer Dress Tip #1:  Look for lightweight and flowy dresses

This is the time when of year when you don’t want to wear something that it made of a heavier fabric or that is too tight. I know we like to show our curves but girls, sweat spots that are evident on clothing are not attractive under certain body parts.

Finding the Perfect Summer Dress Tip #2: Consider a Maxi dress

I am an absolute fan of these!  Yes, I am only 5’4 so I buy mine in the petite section.  They are great, comfortable AND you can definitely go from day to night in them.

Finding the Perfect Summer Dress Tip #3: Find a dress that moves with you

This tip kinda falls under the lightweight and flowy but if you are going to be heading to a concert or wedding and want to be on the dance floor, find something that moves with you.

Finding the Perfect Summer Dress Tip #4:  Find a dress that you can pair with a cute cardigan or shaw

Since most Summer dresses are sleeveless, consider a dress that you can pair with a shaw or cute cardigan.  That way you won’t be freezing when you are inside when the air conditioning is on.

Finding the Perfect Summer Dress Tip #5: Try to stick with Natural fibers

Bamboo, cotton, or linen will be your best bet for Summer dresses.

Remember when I mentioned earlier that you should definitely buy the dress with the dry clean tag since you can clean them at home?   Believe me when I say you can clean them at home.

Have you heard of Dryel before?  Dryel is an in home dry cleaner that everyone needs to have in their laundry room!  I have been using Dryel over the last several months and it is wonderful!  I recently used it to clean our clothing that we wore to a wedding and everything came out of the dryer fresh and clean!  I was worried about our clothing because we had went to a wedding and it was in an old church. There was no air, everyone was sparkly due to the heat and the benches were dirty from the dust due to the open windows in the church.  My dress (which was dry clean only) and my husband’s suit both had dirt stains on them and basically smelled. They came out looking great after I cleaned them.


Ladies, with Dryel you now have to the freedom to wear the dress YOU WANT to wear!  Even if it says Dry Clean only!