Free Printable: Box Tops Reward Chart

Back to school means Box Tops start filling bags and making teachers smile. It’s an easy way to help your child’s school raise money for supplies they need to help the children succeed. You can find them on many General Mills foods – everything from breakfast to snacks – and you probably have several of them in your pantry or fridge right now. Instead of just tossing them or clipping them yourself – here is a fun Box Tops Reward Chart Printable to get the kids involved.


How Box Tops for Education Works

For every single Box Top you provide to your school, they will receive $0.10 (ten cents). With children and parents clipping year round for their school, it really adds up. And, if you purchase a BONUS Box Top product  – each Box Top is worth $0.50 (fifty cents). With hundreds of Box Tops products available – there are plenty of chances you can help your school EVERY time you shop, and it only takes a few minutes of your day.

Get The Kids Involved

This cute Box Tops Reward Chart is a great way to motivate your kids to collect Box Tops and make giving time to help their school more interactive. Allow the kids to cut and tape their Box Tops on the sheet. For every 5 Box Tops they collect, they earn a reward. Rewards can be physical things like a new pencil set or stickers, but it can also be an activity like being able to pick what movie the family watches on movie night or getting 30 extra minutes before bedtime.

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Each 5 Box Tops offers a smaller reward, with a Grand Prize! reward at the end to celebrate collecting 20 Box Tops. Family pizza night? That one book they can’t wait to read? Having a friend for a sleepover? Ask your child what prize they would like – you might be surprised what they choose.

With each accomplishment, the sheet also provides encouragement and congratulations for their hard work – with a quote at the bottom about how awesome it can be to help others. Once filled, the sheet can easily be folded up and delivered to school – no more tiny Box Tops being lost along the way. Imagine how proud your child will be showing their teacher how hard they worked to help their class.


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Box Tops for Education is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs and has over 80,000 k-8 schools that participate. It’s no wonder since it’s so EASY to help. And, the parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors who help you collect Box Tops can rest assured that every penny is being used the way your school benefits the most. Why? Because each month your school sends off the collected Box Tops and then received a check for cash they have complete control over. They can easily use it for everything from school supplies to field trip fees.


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Would you like to know more about how Box Tops for Education works? Check out the official Box Tops website to learn how your clipping can help + you can even look up your school to find your school’s yearly goal, amount raised so far this year and your contact person if you have additional questions.

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