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Printable Morning Agenda — Make Over Your Morning Challenge Week 3

printable morning agenda

Welcome to week three of the Make Over Your Morning Challenge. So far we’ve figured out what defines our perfect morning and worked on ways to find more time at the start of our day. This week we’re going to put our plans down on paper with a free Printable Morning Agenda.

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Make Over Your Morning Challenge Week 3
Printable Morning Agenda

Sometimes we have all these great ideas swimming around in our head. We want to DO ALL THE THINGS! And we’re genuinely excited to see it all happen. Unfortunately, the morning can get away from us. Before you know it, it’s already lunch time and you haven’t accomplished much of anything.  It’s time to put some goals down on paper.

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Here are some tips to help you use your Printable Morning Agenda to get the most out of your day.


Trying to tackle everything at one time is a guarantee for disaster. The printable morning agenda will help you separate your to-do list into smaller areas so you can tackle each one individually.

Pick Your Top 3

Choose three things you MUST get done each morning. It could be things that change each day according to need, or it could be three things you will always need to accomplish to start your day right.  Maybe you need to let the dog out, pack a lunch for the kids, or just enjoy one hot cup of coffee. No matter what your three are – stick to it and make sure you get them done.

Don’t Rush! Remember.

The printable morning agenda has a specific spot for things you need to remember. School items to pack is a big one! I don’t know about you, but if I’m running late in the morning it’s usually because I forgot a science project, lunch money, or can’t find that other glove my 8 year old shoved under the couch. Make a list of everything you need to round up so you don’t get behind.

What can you do before they wake? What can they help with?

Split up the tasks you need to do yourself before the rest of the house starts moving and the duties you can delegate to your spouse and kids. Even a small child can help by doing simple tasks like getting their shoes or brushing their teeth.

You first. Work second.

Make sure to use the me time section of the printable morning agenda. One of the best ways to prepare for your day is to feel relaxed, rested, and happy. It might be as simple as a cup of tea without interruption or as complex as changing into workout clothes and going for a run. Whatever your “me” thing is – schedule it!

Now grab your copy of the free printable Morning Agenda and start planning out your perfect morning! See you next week!

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