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Frozen II will be hitting theaters on November 22, 2019 which is right at the beginning of the holiday season so here are some must haves you must get NOW!

As a Mom, I have learned that when you see toys being released that you know your little one will be asking for, it’s best to not wait! You do not want disappointed faces on you OR them when you can’t find those toys a few weeks before Christmas!

From the official trailers I’ve seen, this Frozen sequel will be another box office mash!  Since this movie will be coming to theaters the weekend before Thanksgiving, we already know where we will be spending some time during Thanksgiving break!

If you haven’t seen one of the official trailers yet, here is one to definitely check out!

My youngest has been a Frozen fan since the beginning!  We have dolls, clothes, stuffed animals, socks, books, a blanket and we have actually replaced a few dolls that just got worn out from play.

Once I saw these toys online, I knew that we couldn’t wait and had to go ahead and order the ones I know she will definitely want.

Before you head off to go shopping, here is a recipe you might want to save for the opening weekend of the movie.  Our Frozen Party Punch will be a great way to get everyone excited about the movie.

Here is a list of the hottest Frozen toys that will be creating a Frozen Mania this holiday season!  Don’t wait, shop now!


Every Frozen fan must have their very own Arendelle Castle!  This castle is 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide, has 2 sides of fun, 4 floors and a lookout tower!  If you press the elevator base, you will set off twinkling and colorful lights that will illuminate the inside of the castle.

This ultimate castle has seven furnished rooms, includes 14 accessories and also have a movie balcony!

Even though this castle comes with accessories, it does not come with any of the Frozen figurines. So that brings me to this next must have!

2. Disney’s Frozen Adventure Collection

This set looks like it would work great with this castle!  We have a set that is similar to this that we bought when the first Frozen movie came out.  My youngest loves playing with the set still.

The Frozen Adventure Collection contains: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and a gale wind accessory.

Since we are talking about figurines, let’s talk about these by Funko Pop!

3. Funko Pop! Disney: Frozen II – Elsa in Nightgown with Ice Diamond, Amazon Exclusive

Since this one is an Amazon Exclusive then you know you must order it now!  If you are a Prime member, this figurine can be in your home tomorrow! Don’t wait!

This figurine features Elsa in a nightgown with ice Diamond.  This Frozen collectable stands at 3 3/4 inches tall.

Of course if you buy this Frozen collectable then you know you will need this one too!

4. Funko Pop! Disney: Frozen 2 Sven

Isn’t he just the cutest?!

Sven is 3 3/4 inches tall and another must have for any Frozen fan!

If figurines are on your list, then these two dolls may just be what you are looking for!

5.  Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Fashion Dolls with Braiding Tools

One of my favorite things about these dolls are that no batteries are required!  YESSSS!!

This fun set will let your little Frozen fan braid her dolls hair in a few steps.  There are lots of styles and there are six elastics and two hair lips included.  The dolls are included.  And at $24.99 each, these are nice on the budget.

You can order either Elsa or Anna or BOTH!

Speaking of dolls, your little Anna and Elsa fans will definitely need both of these!

6. Frozen II Musical Elsa Doll

Now this is one of the dolls my youngest has requested.  She loves how it lights up and of course that Elsa sings.

This doll features a light up dress, comes up the doll, one dress, and a pair of shoes.  Elsa is singing “Into the Unknown” and says 14 phrases from the film.  This doll will require batteries so make sure to stock up so no one is disappointed on Christmas morning!

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Speaking of Christmas gift ideas that your little ones will play with for years to come; LEGOS are one of those toys that they can play with as they grow.  Legos are great toys to purchase for your little ones as they help improve fine motor skills AND there are no batteries needed! Since LEGOS feature a nice variety of themed sets, it’s no surprise that they also have Frozen 2 LEGO Sets!

7. Frozen II LEGOS

LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation 41168

This jewelry box will store your little one’s jewelry AND contains 2 LEGO toy rings locked inside! This is a 300-piece kit!

Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village 41167

This set is a 521-piece set that contains mini Anna, Elsa, Kristoff figurines.  This castle is a 3-story castle and contains a throne room, bedroom, village market stalls and a toy row boat!

Now that we’ve talked about the toys, let’s talk about merchandise shall well?  Shop Disney has some pretty cool must haves for your little Frozen fans!

These fabulous Disney Store finds can be purchased and looked at closer just by clicking on the image!

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Frozen II

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Photo Credit:  All of the Disney photos used in this post are from Amazon and Shop Disney.

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