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Fun Family Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

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Not going trick-or-treating this year? Not every family does. Perhaps your children are too old to collect candy, it doesn’t fit in with your personal family choices, or you simply don’t live somewhere that it is convenient. No matter the reason, you’re in luck! There are fun alternatives to Trick-or-Treating.

Fun Family Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

And one thing to keep in mind about at home activities or other activities on different nights, you can work this fun tradition for many to fit your own schedule.

Have a Spooky-Themed Game Night

One great idea you can try on Halloween is to have a fun game night. This involves putting together some different Halloween-themed games that the kids can play instead of going out trick-or-treating. Try to have plenty of candy (or other treats you approve of) around the house to enjoy Halloween just as much as if they were going out. You can have games that match the candy theme or a spooky one. How about a Halloween Piñata?  There are so many different options.

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Candy Land /  Ghost “Dart” Board / Halloween Charades / Push a Monster / Monster Beanbag Toss / Ghosts Love Candy / Halloween Piñata

Watch Halloween TV Shows and Movies

This is good if you want more of a quiet night at home, if one of your kids are sick, or if the weather is bad. Granted, for older kids and adults a rainy night on Halloween is fitting, however, not always is going out in snow or a cold rain fun for anyone.

You will find a wide range of family television shows and movies for Halloween that are appropriate for kids of all ages (even adults too who aren’t fond of scary movies).

For younger kids, try The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. For older kids, movies like Hocus Pocus. Then make some yummy treats and sit down to watch movies.

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Scooby-Doo Halloween / Dog Who Saved Halloween / Curious George Boo Fest / Nicktoons Halloween / Hocus Pocus /Halloween Town Combo / Halloweentown High / Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown / Hotel Transylvania / Monster High – 4 Movie Collection / Monster House / Casper Meets Wendy

Go to a Local Trunk-or-Treat

Another fun thing you can do if you don’t want kids going door to door due to safety precautions is to take them to a trunk-or-treat. Instead of going to people’s homes, this is an organized event, usually at a local church or other organization that can be trusted. Everyone drives in their vehicles and opens up their trunk to put bowls or bags of candy. The kids get to go to each car, get their candy, then there is usually a party during or afterward the main event. This is a fun and safe way to spend Halloween with your family.

Create Fun Halloween Crafts

For the kids or teens that enjoy being creative, crafts are perfect. It is another option when the weather is too cold or rainy outside on Halloween, so going door to door would not be the best idea. Instead, keep your kids interested in staying indoors by setting up some different craft stations inside. You can have regular pumpkins to carve or plastic pumpkins with pens and paint they can use to decorate them. You can make a big ‘pin the stem on the pumpkin’ for the door or do any number of other crafts.  

Create a Relaxing Evening at Home with new Books for Everyone!

These can be Halloween themed, Fall themed, or any new books that you know your kids are looking at getting.

I think this book set called Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch would be a great one to get for the littles. For this Halloween, they have partnered with Slumberkins and created this adorable collection. Isn’t this set adorable?