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How to Set Up A Home Office in Five Easy Steps

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Are you now working from home and wondering how to set up a home office? We have put together some cool ideas for inspiration!

As a Mom who works from home and also as a Mom who has school aged kids doing elearning, life has definitely become interesting.


My office is in our unfinished basement. I have no windows (which is a bummer) and it’s currently under renovation. I mean, I do have walls up and I just got a closet door and a French door for my door.  It’s been a slow work in progress.

Once life happened and I started having kids at home doing eLearning, I had to convert my photography area into a homework station so my youngest could do school work as I worked. 

Believe me, I understand. Trying to juggle both things as well as run a house, help my then Senior with her stuff, plus run a home, take care of dogs, as well as take care of yard work, and also be there for my husband, things were crazy.

If you are new to working from home, welcome to an interesting new type of work environment.

Honestly, even though it has it’s challenges, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And hey, the plus of my own door now means when the kids are arguing, I can close my door! That my friends is a sweet bonus.

Okay, back to setting up a home office. 

I know your home office space may now be your dining room table, however, with a few key tips you can definitely make your space work. Here are tips I have used to make the area more workable.


This sounds pretty simply right? Honestly, it’s not. 

Of course the perfect space would be in a spare bedroom with a door that can be closed and on a floor where the family won’t be, right? If you are lucky enough to have that space, that is awesome.  

Take inventory of the spaces in your home. Do you have a space in the basement? How about a spare room? What about a dining room that isn’t being used? Or do you happen to have a She Shed in your backyard that you could convert?

Once you find a potential home office area, ask yourself these questions. Is there power? Could I shut the door to drown out the excess noise? Will I need to renovate it? Can I move right in? Will I be close enough to the kids in case of an emergency? How will I organize my new space? 


Once you have your space figured out, ask yourself what office equipment and office supplies will you need.

If you already have a laptop or desktop computer that you can use, that’s great. What about a desk? or how about a chair? Do you have a printer? How about a fax machine? Will you need a phone line? Do you have internet and power already ran to that area. 

If you will be doing a lot of Zoom calls, what background will be behind you? The wall? A painted wall? Or a fun Zoom background?


That was the hard part for me. Sure, working from home was easy when they were in school all day. It’s just me and the dogs. BUT now that they are home too, well, keeping an eye on them while working on a deadline is quite hectic. 

That is why, I highly suggest getting a baby monitor. I know you said, “Say what”? I do NOT need a baby monitor. 

I know, I get it. My youngest is 9. So if someone said to me the best investment to get, besides office equipment when I was setting up my home office, I would have given them the stink eye. 

However, when you are wondering how to set up a home office, getting a baby monitor, so that you can work while watching the kids is a must.

For my office, I now have the Motorola Lux65 CONNECT-2 Baby Monitor. With this monitor, I can not only watch my kids, I can talk to them as well. Now for disclosure, the cameras are only in the living room and in my youngest’s room as she has Epilepsy. They are in no other places in our home. 

Having a baby monitor in my home office so I can watch them while I work on a project in my office has been absolutely wonderful. 

Now, to be honest, the last baby monitor I had was huge, was in black and white, was easily distorted, and I could hear and see the girls but I couldn’t talk them. Plus that monitor was a pain to carry around. Believe me when I say that things have came a long way in the design of baby monitors! I would have loved to have had this when the kids were younger.  This monitor is so small, it’s like literally carrying your phone around!

Here is some info about the monitor:

The Motorola Lux65 CONNECT-2 Baby Monitor, whether sitting in the room next door or their study downstairs, parents are able to monitor their little ones via a full HD display of their activity. To streamline parent focus, they can now download the Hubble Connect app on any smartphone or tablet device and prop it next to their workspace to stream their child. With alerts for any motion or sound detection, parents can see, hear, and soothe their baby in real time without having to leave their workspace and lose focus. Another hands-off feature of the Motorola Lux65CONNECT-2 allows parents to control the temperature in their baby nursery to ensure their children remain comfortable at all times. Listen, watch, and even sing to you little one without needing to step foot in the nursery and keep them safe from exposure.

Want to learn about about the monitor? Head over here

This monitor is so small, it’s like literally carrying your phone around!


Once you have your desk, laptop/desktop, printer, chair, internet, phone, and a filing cabinet, look around your space. What else will help it feel like home, yet professional?

For me, well, besides a blanket and a portable heater since I’m in the basement, is my coffee area!  That too is still a work in progress, but, I have the mini fridge, a mini Keurig, and a coffee pod holder. 

One of the reasons I also have the mini fridge is so if my youngest is doing her school work and would like a drink, there is easy access without having to go back upstairs.

Figuring out how to set up a home office isn’t really that difficult. Once it’s done, and you have your own space, you will realize how easy that was to set up.

Now, as far as getting the family to comply with the new routine; well, I can’t really help there. 

Looking for cool ways to organize your home office?  

Gone are the days of dreary black or brown accessories. Not you can get modern design in all the colors of the rainbow that won’t break the bank.

10 Cool Ways to
Organize YOUR Home Office



home office organizing products

1. Pop n’ Store Decorative Storage Box – Classy, sturdy, and large enough to fit all of my electronics in one and my (too many) journals and notebooks in the other. Bonus: they look awesome under my new desk – not like “storage bins”. Now my clutter is within reach, but out of sight.

2. Vorfreude Cord Clips – Keep cords in place & out of sight at your desk (and elsewhere) with ease. These clips will make sure that your cables are organized and easy to reach with an easy self adhesive system.

3. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Cart – Do you ever sit down, only to remember something else you need from across the room? With this cart you can roll your supplies to your desk for fast access, then roll it back out of the way when you’re done.

4. Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizers – Stop trying to find the perfect sized organizing tray. With these organizing bins, you can mix and match to perfectly fit any space.

5. Kikkerland Potted Pen Phone Stand – Add a touch of nature to your desk with this potted pen phone stand and pencil holder. No water needed!

cool office organizing tools

1. Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management – It may be small, but it’s mighty! I have one of these and I’d be lost without it. Heavy enough to stand up to all your cord pulls, this holder is perfect for your chargeables or earbuds.

2. Quirky Loopits Hanging Storage Bands – Loopits are handy storage straps that secure almost any object to a wall, cabinet, or other surface. Using wall-mountable disks and stretchy elastic bands you get ultimate customization in small spaces.

3. Toto Storage Caddy – Made of natural wood, this portable caddy is a great way to 1. organize desk supplies and 2. carry them with you.

4. Colorful USB Dock – Available in several bright colors: Keep cords organized while charging all your electronic devices. 4 USB outlets allow both bottom and side charging while keeping your gadget upright so you can see the screen.

5. Cableyoyo Earbud Cable Management – This soft rubber spool tidies earbud cord slack with a magnetic center to grasp and hold earphones. Say goodbye to tangling! Use it on your desk or pop it in your bag to go. 

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