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venn computer eyewear 1
I spend a lot of time on the computer. Seven or eight days a week, from 9 am until 4:30 pm I’m typing, editing, creating video, checking email, catching up on Facebook, and even watching movies. I have two monitors on my desk just to make sure I can see everything I need to at one time. But, no matter how hard I’m working, my eyes are working even harder.

We all hear about eye strain. Your eyes feel tired, your vision suffers, and you find yourself sitting back and rubbing them to kick start the muscles. If that never happens to you, you probably think you’re safe. You must not be doing any harm, right? Not quite. Even if you don’t feel the physical effects, you’re still doing your body a disservice by soaking in a ton of blue light all day. What is blue light? It’s the light frequency emitted by your computer, tablet, and smart phone.

infographic via Collective Evolution

But I have to work online! (and I like movies and games too)  I hear you, and you’re definitely not alone. In today’s society, and heavily depending on your line of work, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to avoid blue light completely. Luckily, there is a super simple way to use your electronics without letting blue light affect you.

Introducing Venn Computer Eyewear

venn computer eyewear

Venn Computer Eyewear infuses technology into fashion, offering great looking computer glasses that feature lenses that block blue light along with anti-glare technology. So you can stop squinting and get back to work – or fun – without losing sleep over it (literally).  You might be wondering, “That’s it?”  Yep. That’s all it takes!

venn computer eyewear

No more squinting in front of spreadsheets all day. Actually MELLOW out while you watch Netflix before bed instead of blue light tricking your mind into thinking it’s day time still. With one step you can reclaim your brain’s natural cycles through the day and into the night.

And you’ll look super cool while you do it! No oversized or bright yellow lenses of previous “blue blocker” glasses. These frames are indistinguishable from every day optical eyewear.

venn computer eyewear
Rocking my Beekman frames in Black!

They currently come in two styles (shown below). Each is available in black or tortoise shell, and retail for $59.99 with Free Shipping.

venn computer eyewear

Ready to take back your work AND your rest? Check out Venn Online for more info and ordering.