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Journaling Your Thoughts – Emotional Eating – Part #2

Journaling Your Thoughts

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As a part of my own struggle with emotional eating, I thought in addition to sharing my own thoughts and struggles, I would also share resources that I have found. Emotional eating is something you do not think about until after the fact; at least that is the case for me. After talking to a counselor about these articles and journaling, I did discover that there really are benefits to journaling!  For me, when I get stressed or upset, I head to the fridge or pantry, and indulge in something that I know is bad for me to eat. Then I feel bad for the indulging which only makes me feel worse!

When I made my resolutions for the year, my main goal was to try something new each month. For May, I decided this was the month to try to curb my emotional eating. It is hard, at least for me, to open up about this. Most people you tell that you are an emotional eater looks at you like really? Just do not do it. I wish it was that easy. Unless you deal with it, that is easier said then done.

Here are three tips on how Journaling may help with emotional eating:

Journaling Your Thoughts

Journaling Can Slow Down Eating

Can you write and eat at the same time? Sure, it’s doable. Eat then write, eat then write, write then eat. However, journaling while eating will help slow the eating process down. Think about it this way, while we are eating, you can write in your journal, which will help you to slow the eating process down. The eating process slows down because you can’t shovel food in your mouth with both hands if one is busy writing, right? So, the benefit of journaling while you are eating is that as you eat, your food will have time to settle while you are writing, which in turn will help you will feel fuller faster.

Journaling Can Help You Focus on the Real Issue

Why do we eat to feel better? Because it makes us feel better. The beautiful part about journaling is that you can vent your frustrations out on paper. You can freely express your emotions on paper and right about any stress, hurt, or anger that you are feeling. Once you have written out what the trigger was, put the journal away, take a break from it and in a day or so, go back and read what the trigger was. You may have thought you knew what the trigger was, however, you may discover there was another factor which caused the trigger.

Journaling Can Help You Narrow Down Trigger Patterns

One of the things that I have found is beneficial for me when it comes to journaling is that it has helped me see a pattern. I had put a band-aid if you will on multiple problems that I thought I could work through on my own. Wanna guess how that worked out? 10 additional pounds over six months! I’ve been learning that when I journal, to go back after a day or two, re-read the post, try to identify the trigger, and then make a note at the end of page as to what the trigger was another benefit.

Remember, no one has to ever see this journal. This journal is for you and only you. If you had a diary growing up, think of the journal like your diary. It’s a place for your innermost thoughts. A judgement free zone. You can vent away, and no one will ever know what you are saying.

If you are thinking about buying a journal, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Your journal can be anything from a notebook to a leather bound blank book. You can write with pencil, pens, or gel pens. This journaling journey is totally up to you. I am using a journal I found on sale. The counselor I talked to said that many people burn their journals as a part of their healing process, so you may want to keep that in mind as well.

Here are a few journals to check out:

Tree Of Life Leather W/ Cord

Celestial Journal (Diary, Notebook)


Have you ever journaled before? If so did you feel that it helped you?  Make sure to stop by next week for Emotional Eating Part #3.