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How To Make a Vision Board for the New Year

vision board how to

There’s no shortage of New Year’s resolutions being made this time of year. Sadly, most of these will fall through the cracks before they’re ever realized. Instead of making, and forgetting, your dreams for the new year, why not create something different? A vision board is a living document that you can add to, subtract from, and look back to throughout the year. How you decide to make it work for you is as unique as your vision!

vision board how to

What’s a Vision Board?

Essentially it is a visual representation of an idea. We are constantly surrounded by ideas, images, ideas, sound bites – basically a lot of stimulus that feeds our ideas and opinions. Vision boards are a great way to collect all of the ideas you have about your broad goals or a specific project and put them together in a single space.

How Do You Create a Vision Board?

A vision board can be physical or virtual. To create a physical board, pictures, newspaper clippings, text, and drawings are collected and then arranged onto a piece of paper, into a journal, or pinned on a bulletin board. Today, it’s even more popular to create a digital vision board on websites like Pinterest.

What should I Include?

Whatever inspires and calls out to you! It’s your vision so ultimately it’s up to you. But, here are a few ideas to get you started;

  • What’s your goal or theme? Make sure it’s front and center but don’t be afraid if it changes as you create your board!
  • Include images of how you see yourself embracing that goal.
  • Affirmations, or words of encouragement that resonate with you are powerful reminders.
  • If you are creating a physical vision board, found objects can make your board three dimensional. A bit of ribbon, a button that you love, an oddly shaped shell, a leaf that is a color you can’t replicate all of these are items that can be included.

But, what’s the point?

Creating a vision board is as much about the journey as the destination. It’s a chance to create something, without knowing what the end result will be. Can you remember as a young child, the sheer joy of discovering sheets of multi-colored paper, crayons, glue, etc. and then being allowed to spend as much time as you wanted creating? You may have had a vague idea of what you wanted to create but chances are along the way your path veered and you ended up making something completely different. As adults we rarely allow ourselves the opportunity to do this.

A vision board can be an ongoing process or you can toss it in the trash when you’re done. But, the process of listening to yourself and having the creative space and freedom to explore.

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image courtesy of bmevans80 | Flickr Creative Commons. Some rights reserved.

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