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Maleficent merchandise will be all of the rage this year since the sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, will be in theaters this October!


I am an avid Disney merchandise shopper!  My husband can strongly agree to this statement. I just feel like if you are a Disney fan, then you simply have to have the merchandise.

If you a Disney fan like me, then you know it’s a requirement to have the latest merchandise from each new Disney movie.  Especially if it’s one of your favorites! 

Here is a post about the sequel.  It also contains the official trailer!

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

That is why I have complied a complete Maleficent merchandise must haves post!  These are the pieces that I think any Maleficent definitely needs to have! 

But keep in mind, that as with many Disney merchandise items, time is of the essence. If they run out, they are out.  Then you are paying top dollar on other sites so you can get the items.  That’s why if you see something you REALLY must have, then act NOW

Since the movie comes out in October, then a Maleficent costume is a must!  Here are some fun suggestions! 




Maleficent Dark Witch Costume


Maleficent Deluxe Costume

Maleficent Headband and Collar

Maleficent Inspired Wings


If you remember in the first Maleficent movie, she carried a staff.  So of course, you need a Maleficent staff to go with the costume.




To complete your costume, you will definitely need a Maleficent headband!



 For the avid Maleficent fan, here are a few fun fashion gift suggestions!



  • Maleficent Fashion Backpack by Loungefly – If you have never bought a product by Loungefly before, then you don’t know what you are missing. Great quality and very unique pieces. This backpack features a menacing color palette paired with the evil fairy’s ominous eyes and horns peering over the front pocket, this compact backpack is a fashion victory for villains.
  • Maleficent Wallet by Loungefly – Of course it’s a must for your wallet to match your bag!
  • All-Over-Print Tote Bag – This tote is simple and stylish!
  • Otterbox Phone Case – You know you need this phone case cover!



Maleficent makeup suggestions that are fit for a Disney Villainess! 




 Here are more cool Disney Villain merchandise ideas that are must for any Maleficent fan!


  • Maleficent Tank Top – This mesh racer back top will keep you perfectly cool which you ruling your own castle! 
  • Maleficent Tower Mug – Maleficent, from Walt Disney’s 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty, rules over the Forbidden Mountain from high in her castle tower on this figural mug featuring images of the most dastardly of Disney Villains on each side.
  • Maleficent Mug – Funny, unique, pretty, or personal, it’s your choice for the perfect coffee mug.
  • Maleficent Pillow – You can customize this to make your own devilishly unique pillow! 
  • Deluxe Print – This is a stunning print of the evil fairy that is a must for any fan!


If you are looking for more Maleficent articles so you have all of the latest “SKOOP”, make sure to bookmark these to read later!


Maleficent Purple and Green inspired Jello

Maleficent Slime

Also if you would like to read the coverage from our contributor Kenda during your press trip for the original Maleficent, head over here to check out the posts!


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Maleficent Must Haves


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