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Nugenix – For Dad This Father’s Day


The claims and opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author. Consult your physician before starting any supplement plan.

Father’s Day is almost here, and it is the perfect time to get dad a personal gift he will appreciate and cherish for years to come. Forget the latest woodworking tools or Recliner Sofa, the best gift for dad this Father’s Day is a dietary supplement that will help him feel better on Father’s Day and every day after that. Yes, you read that correctly – dad’s best gift is a dietary supplement. Keep reading.

A Few Facts About Dad and Free Testosterone

Often referred to as the key to masculinity, free testosterone is the primary molecule in men responsible for functions related to muscle, increased sex drive, positive energy, vitality and more. However, as men age, the levels of free testosterone available to the body begin to diminish, causing symptoms such as feeling sluggish, slow, and having a hard time keeping up. These symptoms can begin to affect men as early as their 30s. Thankfully, there are supplements that can help men boost their free testosterone levels and turn around some of the negative effects of lowered free testosterone as outlined above.

About Nugenix and Why It is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift


If your dad is an aging man suffering from symptoms of lowered free testosterone levels – be it losses in the gym or vitality – at varying degrees, Nugenix is a dietary supplement that can help remedy. Based on the simple and established science that adequate, free testosterone levels are essential to men’s health and vitality, Nugenix is a free testosterone booster designed to work with the natural chemistry of the body to boost free testosterone levels. In so doing, Nugenix improves the general health and vitality of aging men. The product boasts the following results when taken as recommended:

– Increased feelings of energy and stamina
– Get motivated for better results in the gym
– Increased libido
– Increased vitality

Importantly, Nugenix is a dietary supplement and so is most effective when used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle practices such as working out regularly (especially resistance training) and eating well. Nugenix will enhance the efforts in the healthy lifestyle department and help your dad feel a boost to his energy levels and stamina, and subsequently his confidence as he gets older. With more vitality and confidence, dad will be able to enjoy more of the activities he enjoys.

Getting Nugenix for Dad

Getting your hands on some Nugenix in time for Father’s Day is fairly easy. For starters, Nugenix is available at several leading retail store chains, including, The Vitamin Shoppe,, GNC Live Well, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, to name a few. Simply heading to one of these outlets should do the trick. Additionally, Nugenix can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website at There is an added bonus of an instant discount when Nugenix is bought through the official manufacturer’s website. So go ahead and get dad the gift that keeps on giving this Father’s Day. Give him Nugenix!