Packo’s at the Park, has been a mainstay in Toledo Ohio since 1932. The next time you are in the area, you must stop by for a bite to eat.  


If you ever watched M*A*S*H growing up, you probably heard Jamie Farr (aka Klinger) talk about his hometown of Toledo and the great Hungarian hot dogs at Tony Packo’s!

This was our first visit to any Tony Packo’s so we weren’t sure what to expect.
We were easily able to locate the restaurant with our GPS.  Metered parking was available in front of the establishment or you can choose to park across the street in a parking lot (that’s what we did).
The hostess and other staff greeted us as soon as we walked in.  The restaurant was very clean and the staff was staying busy.  While our hostess was getting our table set up, the manager came up to the front and greeted us.  We told him we were first time visitors and he suggested a few items off of the menu that would give us a chance to try items that Packos is famous for.  He also told us about the signed hot dog buns that celebrities have signed that are displayed throughout the establishment.  It’s pretty cool seeing all of the celebrities that have enjoy Tony Packo’s for themselves.
My husband chose “The Feast”.  “The Feast” consisted of a cup of chili, a Tony Packo’s hot dog, and a large stuffed cabbage roll, and it was served with cheese and pickles.  I decided on the Tony Packo’s Original Chicken Sandwich Combo.  My sandwich had chunks of white meat chicken breast and it was on toasted hoagie bun, topped with shredded bacon and cheddar cheese, and served with a side of ranch dressing. I was able to get a cup of the Chicken Soup with Dumplings and a side of the Hot German Potato Salad.  My kids of course went with the kids Mac & Cheese, but they had no problem eating off of Mom and Dad!

Here is my husband’s review of “The Feast”:

Let’s talk about “The Feast” first. To conquer this, plan on coming in hungry!  The cup of chili was spicy but not overpowering spicy.  It would be a great compliment on a chilly day.  The Hungarian hot dog had a nice snap to it and was served with mustard, onions, and hot dog sauce.  Also on your plate is the large Stuffed Cabbage Roll that was literally stuffed with beef, pork, and rice that was rolled into the cabbage and covered with tomato sauce and sour cream.   I have a pretty heart appetite and I couldn’t finish the dish.  You will definitely get your money’s worth!

Here is my review of the Tony Packo’s Original Chicken Sandwich Combo:

We all know that chicken sandwiches are always a crapshoot when we order them.  They are either dry or moist and if we order bacon, it’s either too done or not done enough.  Tony Packo’s hit it out of the park with this sandwich!  The chicken was juicy and the bacon was done just right.  The Chicken Soup was great!  It was full of veggies and chicken as well as dumplings!  This would be a must have to try, especially when it is cold outside!  This was my first time trying Hot German Potato Salad and I am a fan!  I love potato salad, especially in the summer, so with this coming out hot, was something new for me.  There was a sweetness to it but it wasn’t overpowering.  My oldest exclaimed, “Mom, that is WONDERFUL”.



I could review the Mac & Cheese as my kids said to do (just say delish!) but I need to add that it looked like homemade Mac & Cheese.
We were able to receive 10% off of our ticket since we had our receipt from the Imagination Station.
The next time you are in Toledo, check to see which Tony Packo’s you are the closest too and stop in and enjoy a lunch/dinner there!
To learn more about Tony Packo’s and their history, check them out here!

Packo's at the Park
They do have a gift shop so you can pick up some of their famous pickles (yum), t-shirts, canned chili, and many other items.


If you are planning a trip to Ohio, make sure to check out our posts on Ohio Travel and also reach out to the Toledo CVB so they can help you plan a fantastic adventure while you are visiting the area! 

*This post was original posted in April 2014 on Mommy’s Gone Shopping Again.

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