Buying for men is hard, but planning a guy-approved date is even harder. Guys aren’t—for the most part—into the wine and dine date nights that we ladies usually prefer, so make sure you cater this date to his idea of fun. That way you’ll celebrate his birthday in a way he’ll adore, whether it’s adrenaline pumping experiences to tours of his favorite brewery, this list is filled with awesome ideas that your man will love on his special day.

An Escape Room

If your guy loves a brain teaser or two, consider planning a date in one of the increasingly popular escape room games. Most large cities have them these days, and the themes differ from company to company but the basic premise is the same. You are placed in a “locked” room, and have to find clues that will help you get out. It will definitely have the two of you working on your communication skills to figure your way out of this real-life riddle, and you can choose to go with a scary theme or simply practice your sleuthing with a clue-ridden room.

Turn Him into James Bond

Guys (and let’s face it, girls too) love James Bond. So if your fella has always secretly or maybe not-so-secretly daydreamed about becoming a secret agent, you can make his day by taking him to a firing range and turning those daydreams into reality. Let 007 save his damsel in distress from the mean bad guy paper targets for a few hours, except you don’t have to worry about them shooting back. Okay, maybe you don’t need to go into this role-playing detail, but you get the picture. This will definitely be a date night he won’t expect you to plan, and you’ll get extra points for your ability to still surprise him.

A Brewery Tour

If your guy is a beer connoisseur, schedule a date that takes you both on a tour of his favorite local brewery. Invite his buddies and family to meet you after for a few brews and watch how happy he is to celebrate his birthday with all of his favorite people. Sweeten the deal and surprise him with a personalized growler that he can fill up with his favorite brew. Wrap it up in a bag and take it with you so he doesn’t know what it is until the moment of reveal. He’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and get to continue the party when you get home with his very own stash kept cold in his new present.

Tickets for Two

You may not be a fan of his favorite sport, but you are his biggest fan, so treating him to a game of his choice could be just the ticket (forgive the pun) for his birthday date celebration. If there’s a game in the next few weeks you know he’d love to see, grab a pair of tickets and don’t let him in on your plans. The night of, tell him to hop in the car for a surprise and make sure to pack his favorite jersey or team paraphernalia. If the tickets are for a game for a few months in the future, wrap them up and present them for reveal on his birthday. Even if he has to wait for his birthday present to come to fruition, the anticipation is half the fun.

A Surprise Hotel Room

If you want to make his weekend, plan a getaway trip he will love. If he’s an outdoorsy guy, head to the woods and rent a cabin where you two can take in the best of nature and hole up in the evenings for some one on one time. If you can’t leave town, consider planning a staycation in a local hotel or resort. Pack an overnight bag and head to the hotel, looking at your city through a tourist’s eyes. Once you’ve checked in, don’t leave the hotel room. Order room service, take advantage of all of the hotel’s amenities, and enjoy each other’s companies away from life’s stresses. It’ll definitely be a birthday for him to remember.

Think about what he likes and plan the perfect dream date for your man in no time. He’ll love your effort to cater the night to him and have the best birthday with you at his side.