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5 Ways I’m Reducing Stress for Better Health

5 Ways I'm Reducing Stress for Better Health

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Stress is a part of your everyday life that seems to come from everywhere. Work, relationships, and even hobbies can cause nervous tension in your life. We all deal with it, but most of us don’t think about the impact it has on our health.

While we all might have the same goal to be healthy, we all have different visions of what healthy actually looks like — whether that’s spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, or mentally. While I am also paying attention to my physical health, this year I a new goal to pay more attention to my emotional health – by tackling my stress.

5 Ways I’m Reducing Stress for Better Health

Sometimes stress comes from taking on too much. At times, it feels like you’ll never get anything done. If you’re too busy, small changes can make a big difference, and more importantly, they can enable you to take back control of your life. Here are five easy ways you can alleviate everyday stress:

1. Getting Real Rest

Your body needs enough rest to recharge and maintain peak condition. When you lose sleep, it’s much easier to become irritated and let things get to you. As much as I love sleep (and boy…do I love sleep) it doesn’t always come easily. After a day of stress, I can find myself staring at the ceiling with my mind racing.

I don’t want to take harsh medications that can often be habit forming. That’s where Nature’s Bounty® Melatonin comes in. It’s a terrific choice if you experience occasional sleeplessness, or if you want to improve the quality of the rest you do get. §

Reducing Stress for Better Health Natures Bounty Melatonin

Melatonin is a clinically studied ingredient that helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. § But what if you just find yourself burned out in the afternoon? You aren’t ready for bed yet! Time for a power nap.

A “power nap” is perfect for getting your rest quickly, especially if you still have things to do the second half of the day. Instead of lying in bed and taking a full nap, try closing your eyes in a quiet room for about 15 to 20 minutes. Play calming music, white noise, or get a small desk fountain to help you relax.

2. Making Nutrition a Priority

If you regularly make wise choices about what you put into your body, your body will reward you with a more relaxed approach to life’s challenges. It’s hard to face difficult situations when your body lacks the fuel it needs to properly respond to those situations.

Reducing Stress for Better Health Natures Bounty Adult Multivitamin gummies

Unfortunately, due to schedule or availability, we don’t always get the natural nutrient sources we need each day. That’s why taking a daily multivitamin is so important. But why take boring tablets when you can enjoy a fruity chew?

Nature’s Bounty® Adult Multi Gummy – A delicious way to get the nutrients your body needs. Each serving provides 100% Daily Value or more of four key B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D to keep you going while also supporting your immune system and promoting bone health.§

3. First Things First

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of putting off things because you really don’t want to do them. *raises my hand* Yep. We’ve probably all done it…and regretted it. One of my biggest stress sources is watching the clock as time counts down to that one, icky task I really wish I didn’t have.

Instantly reducing that stress is simple. Ready? Do the thing. Just do it. Take a deep breath, grab your coffee or tea, and do. the. thing.  If you wait, it’s not going to get any easier. Plus, the dread you carry all day while you put it off will spike your stress like crazy. Try using a planner or to-do list so you can organize what you need to do. Visualizing your tasks is the first step to tackling them! You can grab a free copy of ours below:

free printable weekly todo list rainbow colorful

4. Screen Time Breaks

There are two reasons you really must take breaks from your electronics during the day to keep stress at bay and ensure good rest.

#1 Blue Light: you aren’t doing yourself any favors by soaking in a ton of blue light all day. What is blue light? It’s the light frequency specifically emitted by electronics: computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Blue wavelengths—which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood—seem to be the most disruptive at night. And the proliferation of electronics with screens, as well as energy-efficient lighting, is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, especially after sundown. [source:] Translation: exposure to blue light keeps your brain awake, even when you want to sleep.

Taking breaks helps disrupt the effects of blue light. Try pairing these breaks with Nature’s Bounty® Lutein Blue.

Reducing Stress for Better Health Natures Bounty Lutein Blue

Nature’s Bounty® Lutein Blue is a unique eye health supplement that helps filter damaging blue light from your electronic devices and supports overall eye health.§

#2 Move and Increase Blood Flow: We know exercise is good for stress relief and making us feel better overall. But, it doesn’t have to be a full workout session. Anything that gets your body moving will do the trick for long work days. Just stretching and flexing your muscles can help you calm down quickly and feel more in control amidst the storms of your day.

→ Try this quick exercise at your desk: Tense each muscle in your body, one at a time, and hold for a few seconds. Then release each muscle slowly. Repeat with each muscle group. Practice as often as possible and call upon this tensing and releasing technique whenever you need instant stress relief.

5. Declutter &  Get Minimal

Keeping your work and home space decluttered is one of the easiest -and most overlooked- ways to reduce stress. I know if I’m working at a messy desk or my room needs to be cleaned = energy and concentration are gone. Trying to work around mess just makes my stress skyrocket!

Take time each morning to pick up your workspace and tackle any household cleanup FIRST. Trust me, you’ll be much happier and less stressed afterward.

→ Check out 6 Best Tips for Decluttering Any Room of Your House


These simple steps can help you cope with your everyday stress. But they only work if you use them! Manage your emotions wisely and begin to experience the control and inner peace you deserve.

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress for Better Health with Natures Bounty

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