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Royal Caribbean Cured My Winter Blues

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

On April 2nd I was one sad New Englander. Our winter was long and I’d had enough! I couldn’t wait for the next day when I’d finally be a guest on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas, heading to Cozumel.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

This was my first cruise and I had no idea what to expect. I’d heard stories from my parents who have logged a few cruises over the years, but nothing could have prepared me for the amazing ship I was about to call home for the next five days.

The Liberty Of The Seas is a newly renovated member of the Royal Caribbean fleet. This queen of the ocean is the third largest Royal Caribbean ship at 1,112 feet long and 185 feet wide. I was in awe when I saw the ship in person. It has a crew of over 1,300 to serve you and contains 15 passenger decks, 10 pools & whirlpools, 3 formal dining rooms, 9 individual dining areas/restaurants, 13 bar/lounge areas, 2 theaters/studios…  I can’t list it all. Let me show you.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

Just walking onto the ship, it took my breath away. It was like a floating city. Everything from the decor, to the layout to the smiling staff made me feel like I’d just become royalty and this was my kingdom to explore. But what is a Queen without her private castle? I was eager to see the room I’d be resting in each night. I was not disappointed.

I’d heard horror stories about tiny cruise ship rooms with bunk beds and bumping into each other trying to brush your teeth. This definitely wasn’t the case on the Liberty of the Seas. I set my bags down in a beautifully spacious Balcony Stateroom and stood there, taking it all in. There was so much room!

liberty of the seas stateroom balconey royal caribbean
Room: 199 sq. ft

Even the bathroom was very accommodating with plenty of room to move around both in and out of the shower. But, my favorite feature was the balcony. 65 sq. ft. to stretch out with your favorite cocktail and watch the water while you relax.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

Once my roommate Jenn and I were settled in – it was time to explore. Walking the Royal Promenade was quite an experience. Each shop, restaurant and lounge had it’s own personality and design; giving the impression of being in a magical city as you walked along. It was like Disney World for adults.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas
Hoof and Claw Pub
Promenade Cafe

Most of the dining and lounge areas were open to the walkway, making it easy to wander in and out or (my favorite) people watch while you sipped and snacked. I couldn’t believe the building faces, shops and more were all on one ship. And, even better, I could walk down and visit any time I liked.  Got a craving for a frappe and cupcake at 8 pm? Slide on your flip flops, hop on the elevator and your wish is fact in a matter of minutes.

Champagne Lounge

And after you’ve had that late night frozen treat, you can head to the full sized fitness center in the morning to work off the calories. Grab a treadmill facing the ocean, hit the heavy bag or even jump in the regulation size boxing ring.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

When it’s time for a cool down, grab something cold to drink in one of the many bar and lounge areas. I was amazed at how fast and friendly the service was. I never had to fight my way to the bar or jump up and down to get a bartender’s attention. Being able to swipe your Seapass for your drink orders makes it even faster.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas
Windjammer Bar
royal caribbean liberty of the seas
Sphinx Lounge

We couldn’t wait to hit the decks and find out where the sun and fun was. It’s hard to miss with 10 pools and whirlpools, upbeat music and a laughing crowd.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

Fancy a round of mini golf? You got it.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

Maybe rock climbing is more your thing. Don’t worry, there’s an ‘Easy’ side.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

Royal Caribbean won’t forget the kids either, offering a large H2O Waterpark with spray machines, mini swirl pools and more.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

If you want something a bit more laid back, don’t miss the Solarium – a pool area just for 18 and up.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

The main pool area was always the place to be with top hit music, drink bars and a big video screen. There were also daily bingo games and other prize challenges throughout the trip.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

At the end of the day, you can grab a soft chair in the poolside lounge area and watch the sun go down.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas

There were so many things to see and do, there’s no way I could shove them all into one article. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks at what Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas has to offer like dining, entertainment, port days and more.

Get More Info: Royal Caribbean Online  // Twitter  // Facebook  & follow #SeasTheDay on Twitter to see more first hand reviews and photos from this trip

  • That sounds like such an amazing trip. I know I saw a lot of the pictures from some of the people who went on Instagram. Wait, are you on IG – I think I will go stalk you over there.

  • WOW WW and WOW! My husband and I went on a cruise 13 years ago and have not been to another one. I can’t believe how HUGE that ship is! It looks amazing! Thanks so much for re-introducing crises to me!

  • kim

    WOW – I’ve never seen the insides of a cruise ship before – that’s really nice. So, naturally, I’ve never taken a cruise either!! Maybe one day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Looks like a ton of fun. We did a Carnival cruise over the holidays to escape the winter. So worth it!

  • I had so much fun cruising with you!! : ) I was really impressed with how big the cruise ship was too, it’s going to be difficult to go back to regular sizes ships now!

  • “the Solarium – a pool area just for 18 and up.” THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

    I feel completely, totally spoiled now. No interior staterooms for ME! Balcony all the way. Carnival? nothanks. I’ll take Royal Caribbean! Next time I want to go see some of the comedy shows. I’m really sad I missed those. And you should be ashamed.

  • If you can’t join ’em…. live vicariously through their awesome pics. Looks like an amazing time!

  • OMGGGG. I am sooo jealous. This looks like a ton of fun! I’ve been wanting to book a cruise trip but it just never happens for some reason! We always travel but we never go cruise. I’m so mad. LOL :( Oh well, hopefully next year! Hope you had a great time though.

  • We definitely need to think about doing this next winter. Our last cruise to Alaska was fantastic!

  • teresa mccluskey

    I envy you for going on this trip! I so want to go now! I have a hard time being on the water for a long period of time but who has time to think of that with all those things to do?

  • SO beautiful! I wish I could go back. I’m so glad I got to meet you!

  • I love getting an inside look like this at a cruise line. We’ve never been!

  • Great post! I was also extremely impressed by this ship. There were so many places to sit back and relax. It was a great chance to recharge after a long winter.

  • What a gorgeous ship! I’ve only ever been on one cruise, and it was years ago on a much smaller ship. I’d love to explore the seas with Royal Caribbean sometime, for sure.

  • This too was my first cruise and I was in awe most of the time. I had also heard those not so good stories of how small rooms were, how bad food was and such.. but that was not the case upon this cruise line. I will be going on a cruise again and only upon Royal Caribbean.

    Was nice to finally meet you also.

  • I love a cruise and will only go if I get a room with a sliding door that goes our onto my own balcony. We haven’t been on a cruise in a year now…. You might have made me want to book one.

  • This looks like a fantastic trip! I have never been on a cruise before so this makes me excited for future trips.

  • This looks so amazing. I’ve never been on a cruise before (I’ve heard horror stories), but this makes me want to get on a boat this week.

  • Dina

    I’ve not been on a cruise since my honeymoon. I may just need to plan another after reading your story.

  • The ship was amazing to me! I mean I knew I was in the middle of the ocean, yet when you walk throughout all the decks, especially the Promenade, it was easy to forget that!

  • There is just so much to do and eat and see. It sounds like a total blast!

  • I would absolutely go back on this ship. It was my first cruise too and left me with the best impressions ever.

    Oh. And about the “easy side” of the rock climbing wall…maybe if you are Spiderman LOL. But it was fun. I had never climbed before and made it halfway up the first try and 3/4 the second. Too bad I didn’t find time to go a third time.

  • Wow, that sounds amazing! I wish I could have gone but hopefully I’ll get to take a cruise sometime. There’s so much to do all on one place!

  • It looks amazing! I hope I get to go to a cruize one day, too. I would love to go to one around the Caribe also!

  • The ship looks amazing! We have been taking Disney cruises for years but I really love this ship and we might consider switching for our next cruise!

  • Last time I went on a cruise was about 15 years ago! I can’t wait to go again. We actually did the Cozumel trip too.