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Sally Skellington Slime Craft DIY – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally Skellington Slime

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Sally Skellington Slime is a simple yet fun craft to do with your kids!

The Nightmare Before Christmas has been both a Halloween and Christmas tradition since 1993!!  Can you believe that it’s been around for 25 years?!  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since we first met Sally, Jack, and Oogie Boogie!

Now that is’ almost Halloween, it’s the perfect time to make our Sally Skellington Slime!

Sally Skellington Slime

They key thing to remember about making slime is that it’s like a science experiment. It’s a bit messy and you may need to adjust a drop of this or a drop of that, however, it’s a little safer since borax isn’t involved.

You may already have some of the ingredients to make our Sally Skellington Slime, however, may I make a suggestion?  Liquid starch is very hard to find so why not make sure to order some today so you have it when you are ready to make this slime!  And the best part about the larger bottle of starch is that you will have it already on hand for future projects like when making our Maleficent Slime!



NO!  I know there is edible slime out there, however, THIS SLIME RECIPE IS NOT EDIBLE!


You can use either.  Keep in mind though that you will get a better color that pops if you use clear glue.  When you use white glue your color won’t be as bright.

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Sally Skellington Slime

To make our Sally Skellington Slime, you will need the following:

Liquid Starch
Cups and craft sticks for stirring
Colored Gold Leaf Foil
Assorted Neon Acrylic Paint Colors

Elmer’s Washable Non Toxic Clear Glue or Elmer’s White Glue
Measuring Cup

4 disposable bowls  **To create this slime, each slime color needs its own bowl, so you can thoroughly mix the colors.



You will need four bowls (one for each color). In each bowl add ½ cup of white or clear glue and 1/2 cup of water.   Then add 1 – 2 drops of paint per bowl until you achieve the color you are going for and mix thoroughly.

The next few sentences are very important. PLEASE read them before proceeding.

You will need to concentrate on only one bowl at a time! In ONE bowl, add 1/4 cup of liquid starch to the glue and stir together. You may need to add a bit more starch to get it to the consistency that you want. Also remember that slime will have a wet feeling to it.


Next pour in 1/2 cup of liquid starch. As soon as the starch and glue combine, the mixture will start to form a ball immediately! You will only need to stir for maybe a minute. Then remove the ball and start kneading the ball between your hands.

You will want to pass the ball back and forth, twist it around your fingers. If you still have starch left in the bowl, keep dipping the ball back into the starch until all of it is absorbed. This will take about 2 – 3 minutes.

After you have made the slime in all of the colors you want, lay your slime out and put each color side by side.  Lay a piece of your colored foil on top of the slime.  You can add as much or as little of the colored foil as you want.

Next after you’ve repeated these steps and have all of your colors made, you’ll lay out your slime and you can start to add in your colored foil. Add in as many as you like! It’s so fun seeing the colors and the foil mix together, it almost looks like colorful zebra stripes.

Make sure to store your prepared slime in an air tight container.


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Sally Skellington Slime