She Sheds: Create Your Own Refreshment Station

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She Sheds started to become a “trend” about three years ago.  I mean it totally makes sense.  If a man can have a “man cave”, then a woman can have a “she shed” right?  RIGHT!

She Sheds are still very popular and definitely a must have for any woman!   Life can get hectic. I’m not even talking about driving from place to place or making sure you make your next last minute appointment. I mean just at home. While we do love time spent with the kids and spouse, sometimes we just want (or need) some time to ourselves. But, maybe you don’t want to leave home every time your “me time” meter goes crazy.

Why not an escape in your own back yard? It’s possible with a She Shed.


she shed

The concept behind She Sheds is actually quite simple. Take an ordinary, empty shed and create a whole new spot where you can work quietly or just relax and refresh. Use it to be productive or just kick up your feet uninterrupted for a while – office or oasis…why not both.

To create your own She Shed, first you will need to decide where it will be.  If you have an unused shed on your property, stake your claim and begin the remodeling process!

  1.  Decide on a theme; a ‘purpose’ for your She Shed if you will (gardening, zen, gym, hobby, home office).
  2.  Think about remodeling.  New paint? Windows?
  3.  How about furnishings?  Consignment stores or thrift shops would be a great choice in picking up some new décor.

If I was creating my own She Shed, I would focus on a refreshment station!  A place to enjoy hot cups of coffee, maybe an adult beverage.  Here are some ideas

she shed refreshment station how to
all images © Best Buy. Used with permission.

Coffee. Tea. Wine. We wanted them all at the ready in our ultimate she shed, but having too many small appliances in a small space could clutter things up and ruin the aesthetic. The solution was simple. Hide them. We tucked an espresso maker, an electric tea kettle and a wine cooler inside a cabinet. (Be sure to cut the back open behind the cooler for adequate air circulation.) In the corner, we added a Dyson fan. It doubles as a heater to keep the shed warm on crisp, fall evenings.

she shed refreshment station

That looks like a heavenly way to relax while I get some work done! Or maybe just a spot for me and a few friends to gossip….I mean chat… about the day.

I also love Best Buy’s creative idea for turning all those wires and cables into something beautiful. No more shoving them under the desk or behind a potted plant. This could work in your She Shed or even in your home.

creative way to hide computer wires

Have you been itching to create your own She Shed? Check out Best Buy for even more ways to incorporate cutting edge technology into your personal space.