Simple Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Home

Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, we grew up in a culture where the emphasis wasn’t on products, safety, and eco-friendly living like it is today.

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I used to sit in the back on my Dad’s truck and let the wind hit my face as he drove around, I didn’t start wearing a seatbelt until I was 16, I rode my bike without a helmet and goodness knows we never looked at labels to see what chemicals were in the bottles. And honestly, I don’t remember hand sanitizer at all.

One of the products I can remember using very regularly since our home was over 100 years old was in a red spray can. We had a problem with spiders. I can easily remember spraying that can with no gloves on, no ventilation, nothing. I can also remember that lingering smell that was left in our home after we used it. I also know that we never thought twice about what we were spraying into our home.

Another very strong memory of my childhood, and maybe yours as well, was the town fogger truck. Did your town have one of those? It would go thoroughly at least a couple of times a month during the Summer and “fog” the town for mosquitos. We were so out of touch as to what pesticides could do, we used to lay outside sometimes when it would go past and watch the fog settle onto the ground……Can you imagine what we absorbed into our systems from that and the red can we sprayed regularly to get rid of spiders?

I never really paid any attention to the products we used until we become parents. Then our entire world changed. I switched to primarily cloth diapers, made my own disinfecting wipes, my own detergent, grew our own veggies, and only allowed certain products in our home.

Now that I’m a Mom of two, I have relaxed on some of that a bit, however, one thing that I am still very stringent about the chemicals we use around our home.

We don’t fertilize our yard since we drink out of our well and we don’t spray any pesticides around our home. I know they say they are ok, however, I can still remember the smells from when we were growing up and I don’t care to have my kids start breathing that stuff in.

According to the CDC, we now have an average of 43 different pesticides in our bloodstreams. I want to say I’m shocked, but honestly, I’m not.

That’s why one of my new favorite must haves in life, that I think, help my quest to find simple ways to have an eco-friendly home, is to use essential oils.

Have you ever tried essential oils before? We gave tried several of them and use them in a variety of ways throughout our home. They leave such a great smell, aren’t harmful to us or our pets, and do work quite well.

One of my favorite new products that have essential oils are the natural Pest Prevention products by EarthKind’s Stay Away®! Stay Away has a variety of fast-acting pest repellent products that give families who are wanting to be eco-friendlier, the products they need that are free of chemicals and that are made with botanical fibers and oils that produced from American farms. The best part is that there are no poisons or toxic baits in these products!

Have you heard of EarthKind before? Their mission is pretty cool!

“Honoring a live-and-let-live approach, EarthKind’s Stay Away Ants® and Stay Away Spiders® pouches emit a scent that is desirable for humans, but offensive to pests’ highly-sensitive olfactory receptors- ensuring that they “stay away” from unwanted, pest-prone areas, such as kitchens, pantries, closets and basements”

Since we live in a rural area, we are used to seeing all kinds of critters in our yard, home, and garage. The only place until now we’ve ever had a trap set, if you will, is in the garage due to the rodents who think they need to come into the garage and scare the daylights out of you when you least expect it! We’ve taught our kids from the beginning that they were to never touch one of those traps and so far, they have listened.

Now with the Stay Away products, I don’t have to worry if they come in contact with them. Of course, they have been told to stay away, however, if they are or our dogs do encounter them, we don’t have to be concerned about what they have gotten into.

I have put the Stay Away for Mice, that is made with Cedar, Rosemary, and Mint oils in our garage.  A really great effect of having this in our garage is the lovely smell that is now in there!

I put the Stay Away for Spiders in our basement. We are in the process of finally but slowly finishing out our basement and it seems to have stirred up so many spiders!  Couldn’t have thought of a better place for this one to go!  And of course it adds a lovely scent to the stale basement air!

And for the Stay Away for Ants that occasionally show up in a pantry, I have a wonderful surprise for them in our pantry:

Oh, and to make things even better the products are now available at Target!!! Now I have another reason to go to Target!!

To learn more about EarthKind’s Stay Away products, here is more from our sponsor!

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EarthKind’s manufacturing has a 2% carbon-footprint certified by USDA Bio-Preferred Program, and EarthKind® is the first and only plant-based pest control brand to have its product meet Federal EPA’s gold standard for effectiveness, with no known risks.

Now is the time to choose kindness – for our homes, our environment, and our planet. Keep it kind with EarthKind®.

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