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Start Each Month Organized To Stay On Track

how to Start Each Month Organized

I love seeing a new month begin. There’s something about preparing, making plans, and being able to Start Each Month Organized and On Track. But I always get anxious thinking about how fast previous months flew by. I needed a plan!

how to start each month organized and on track

How To Start Each Month Organized and On Track

I’ve come up with a solid routine that I do at the beginning of each month to help me stay organized and productive. I try to stay on top of things, and not let it pile up. Below I will share things to do at the start of the month to stay organized. 

These five things I do at the first of the month help keep me on track. I know life is so hectic in most households that we sometimes over-schedule and feel like we are run ragged. I try to keep our home free from clutter, on top of our schedule and the home running in a smooth system. Granted we have our bad days, but tomorrow is always a fresh and new day. 

start each month organized

Calendar Update 

At the beginning of the month, I sit down and go over the calendar. I make sure to look at what is already marked down, what might need to be added to school events, work, etc.

I talk to each member of the family so we all are on the same page and things don’t get missed. That way we know what we have going on and when, and then we can plan accordingly for fun events we might want to do on the weekends and through the week.

This also has helped me tremendously in learning to say no when asked to do things, when I know my schedule is already full that day or week. 

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To Do List 

I love to-do lists, they really keep me on track. Writing down things to tackle for the month from stocking our freezer with fresh freezer meals, maybe cleaning out the pantry, deep cleaning the upstairs, etc. I give myself tasks to complete within the month. Then when I have time during the week or weekend I can look at my list and begin working.

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If I don’t finish all the items on my list, I simply roll it over to the next month to begin tackling it. These goals are things I would like to get done but aren’t a have to this minute. I also have tasks that have specific deadlines that I add in, I just categorize them differently so I know they need to be done by a certain date. 

make a budget for new year


We stick to a strict budget, it helps us maintain and be able to save money and pay our bills on time. I sit down at the beginning of the month and take a look at the budget. When we have holidays or birthdays coming up, I make sure to mark that down, that is added money going out for that month. I make any necessary changes for the month. 

how to set goals

Set Goals 

I strive to really stay motivated and inspired all year round. One way I stay focused is I sit down and work on writing out goals. I do short-term goals and long-term. I look at past month goals and check them off as I reach them. I set goals for my work life, mental growth, home, finances, etc. I love being able to mark off goals and seeing how far I have come. 

Writing down goals and looking over them each month helps you stay inspired.

how to declutter


I know you have heard of Spring Cleaning, but I like to really go over areas in my home at the beginning of the month to stay free from clutter.

I’ve found that when my home and closet get crammed full of items I won’t use it makes me feel disorganized and not able to fully focus. I think about the junk piling up and I need to get rid of it. I go through closets and cupboards and look for any clutter, organize it and toss or donate items I am not using.

I spend 1/2 a day or less doing this once a month to maintain an organized and clean home. It seems to work good for me and saves time compared to a huge spring cleaning of the entire house at once.