Stress-free Holidays Made Easy

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Stress-free holidays are easier to have then you think! With a few key staples on hand you might be able to prevent some unnecessary stress.


Of course, we can’t predict the things that happen that are out of our control, however, we can definitely be ready for things that will know will occur such as dinner time!


Can you believe it’s time for the holidays?  I mean seriously, were did Fall go?  It seemed like our Summer lasted until October then it here came Winter will all it’s fury.

The holidays are a very stressful time for everyone.  There are parties, school programs, family get togethers, then of course all of the food prep and shopping.  The key thing to remember though is to be prepared as much as possible.

Here are some tips we’ve put together that will hopefully help you have stress-free holidays!

  1.  Plan Easy Meals
  2.  Have a trusty Cookbook on Hand
  3.  Have Healthy Snacks Ready to Go
  4.  Stock up on Essentials needed for Baking


Your family isn’t going to be upset if for your nightly dinners aren’t complete four courses. So for our first tip, plan easy dinners.  One easy dinner idea is Butter Parmesan Noodles and a side salad.

RAGU®’s Butter Parmesan Sauce is a game changer! This tasty sauce, made with Aged Parmesan Cheese and Real Butter, is full of simple flavors that help take your quick and easy pasta dinner to a new level! 

To make our simple meal idea, cook your favorite noodles (spaghetti, elbow mac, or fettucine) according to package directions.  Then add the heated Butter Parmesan Sauce and viola, dinner is served!

If you are looking for another tasty and simply dinner idea, make sure to check out this  Real Deal 3-Minutes Mac!  Your family will absolutely love this Mac and Cheese recipe!  


Yes, the internet is a great way to discover new recipes, however, there is nothing like having a trusty cookbook on hand! 

Cookbooks are not only a great resource for yourself BUT they make fantastic gifts! 

For me, baking is very relaxing.  I get to unplug (another reason for have cookbooks on hand) and focus on what I’m doing. It’s also a great way to create memories with your kids.  Some of my favorite moments in life are walking into my Grandma’s kitchen and smelling all of the food she was preparing!  She was a great Southern cook so she was always in the kitchen preparing something!

My oldest has now developed a love for cookbooks so she has already laid claim to the Joys of Baking cookbook that we received. This cookbook is full of cake recipes and chocolate desserts; just to name a few of the goodies you will find inside. 

This cookbook features 75 ways to bake yourself back up when you feel like you’ve hit bottom!  This would really be a fantastic gift for the baker in your life!



If you will be on the road a lot this holiday season, then snacks to keep everyone happy is a must! 

Keep your snack menu simple. Don’t pack snacks that require refrigeration or that will leave a huge mess in the car!  Also, since many holiday gatherings will be full of sweets, considering packing snacks that are healthy and have an easy clean-up!

One healthy snack to consider are Chimichurri Baked Pea Crisps!  These organic pea based snacks offer protein, bright tastes, and are full of flavor!  The chimichurri snacks are naturally gluten-free, have plant-based protein, and are a healthy on-the-go snack that will take care of those “Mom, I need a snack” moments. 

To order these tasty snacks for your own family, use code 20SUPPORTAIP on Amazon for 20%  off their NEW Farmer’s Blend. This coupon is could 11/1 – 11/30/2019.  You can also use 20 LOVEPELLED for 20% off of their mango and chimichurri flavors though Amazon!

Head over here to get these snacks ordered so you have time in time for your upcoming road trips! 



Now is a great time to think ahead to all of the recipes that you are planning to make/bake during the holidays!

Stock up on sugar, flour, butter, salt, and most importantly your oils!

Oils? Yes, oils!  Think about how many of  your recipes call for some sort of oil, right? So keeping your oil supply stocked up is so important!  What type of oil you have on hand is equally important! One of my favorite oils to use in not only baking and cooking, but in other uses is my home is coconut oil!  I am such a fan of that oil!  

Coconut oil is actually a great substitute for butter and vegetable oil.  One coconut oil to consider is either the Squeezable Organic Virgin Coconut Oil or Steam Refined Coconut Oil by Nutiva. 

You can use this coconut oil for baking, sautéing, stir-frying, or anywhere else you would normally use oil. 

Head over to Nutiva to order your owned refined/Virgin Coconut Oil pouches! You can use code NUTIVA25! for 25% off your order! This offer is valid from 10/25/19 – 1/1/20. It cannot be combined with other offers, limit one use per customer.

My last tip, which is more of a personal tip that I continue to remind myself of.  Breathe. Just to simply take a moment to breathe. If something doesn’t get done, that’s okay. If you have to make a quick 3 minute meal for dinner due to scheduling, that’s okay too.  







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