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super bowl recipes and tips

Are you ready for the big game? A better question might be “are you ready for all your party guests for the big game?” Thanks to the Land-o-Lakes test kitchen team – I get to share some awesome game day grub that will satisfy all of your little linebackers. Here are 8 Great Recipes and tips for setting up the best party on the block.

super bowl recipes and tips

6 Super Bowl Party Food Tips

  1. Think Simple and Plentiful
    When you make your party food list, stick with items that are easy and quick to make. Think of ways to incorporate foods you can buy in bulk and are easy to store until the big day. Choose 5 – 6 dishes that you know your guests will love and will be easy to make plenty of — your team players are going to be hungry! Items like Cheeseburger Bites are perfect to make in batches so you’ll always have a warm tray ready for the crowd.
  2. Make Ahead
    Foods that can be made ahead of time and warmed over or assembled a few minutes before kick-off are a great way to save time. Appetizers like the Walking Taco are perfect for set-it and forget-it choices.
  3. Many Hands Make Light Work
    Even with a simplified menu, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. Pre-game gather the kids (and spouse) together to help assemble dishes that you’ve prepped ahead of time, fill sauce dishes, etc. If your party includes family and close friends – invite everyone to bring their own favorite side dish or snack.
  4. Variety is Key
    You’ll have as many different tastes as you do guests so make sure you have a wide variety of flavors available. Offer platters of different cheeses, crackers, veggies and dips. Another popular option is a sandwich bar. Put out rolls, condiments, lunch meats, lettuce and more – allowing your guests to make their perfect sandwich.
  5. Watch Out for the Kiddies
    If you have small children coming to the party, place hot platters, spicy condiments and liquids toward the middle of the table so small hands can’t reach. Instead, place child-friendly items toward the front like carrot sticks, pita chips or cheese cubes.
  6. Sharing is Caring…and easier cleaning!
    Have disposable pastic bins and zip bags ready to make your guests tasty to-go bags after the game. You can prepare the take-home for them or let them choose their own. Your friends and family have a great snack for later and you have less to pick up.


6 Great Super Bowl Party Recipes

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Mediterranean Pita Nachos Buffalo Chicken Pizza
walking tacos Glazed Ham and Cheese Party Sandwiches

I received a gift package and coupons from Land O Lakes®  for recipe development and review purposes. All opinions are my own.