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Hiring a Babysitter? – What You Should Know

Hiring a babysitter can be a very stressful decision. You have to rely on your own judgment to select someone to care for the most precious thing in your world: your children. Hiring a Babysitter - What Should You Know? There is no exact science to finding someone who will be...
Electronics in The Bedroom

Should I Let My Child Have Electronics in The Bedroom?

In our house we love electronics. Both I and my husband use a computer and phone for work, and our eight year old has both a laptop and a tablet for homework and play. That being said, we never let our child have electronics in the bedroom. It's a strict...
Why Doesn't My Child Do What I Ask

Why Doesn’t My Child Do What I Ask?

It's been a frustrating day! The kids refuse to do as asked and maybe even seem to ignore you. You're starting to lose your cool. Sound familiar? In a perfect world, children would obey their parents without a second thought. Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect and neither are our kids....
5 Child Behavior Problems Parents Should Not Ignore

Are You Ignoring These 5 Child Behavior Problems?

As a parent, it’s very tempting to let smaller, less important issues go unnoticed. To some extent, however, it's important to pick your battles and trust your parenting instincts. Right... but why? Because some behavioral problems can lead to worse issues in the future if they aren’t dealt with immediately....
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