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The Must Have Best Gifts For College Students

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The best gifts for college students don’t have to be expensive and frivolous. The best gifts are actually gifts that are very useful time and time again. 

When you think about what gift to give someone, especially a college student, what do you think about? The cost? How about the usefulness? 

I love trying to find gifts that are useful. I want to gift someone with something they will actually use. 

That’s why for this year, I am already thinking about a gift for our oldest. She has made the career decision, at least for the next four year years, to go in a different path than college. She will be entering the military. I know she, like many college students, will be getting homesick from time and time and be craving some comfort food to heal ease the sadness a bit.

So I am working on a cookbook for her that is full of her favorite recipes of mine, her Grandmothers, and her aunts.  That way when she’s missing everyone, she can pull out the cookbook and whip up one of her favorite dishes. And hopefully feel a little bit better.

I admit when I attended college, I still lived at home and went to a local college so I could save on room and board. So I had the extra comfort of eating at home whenever I wanted. Many kids heading off to college, don’t have that extra benefit.

That’s why I think giving your kids a cookbook filled with their favorite recipes will be one of the best gifts for them. Of course, though, I guess there are exceptions to saying that though. I mean, I know there are adults who should never be in the kitchen because they literally can’t even boil water. 

Years ago, one of our friends actually called me because he had turned water on to boil and walked away and forgot about it. He totally burnt his saucepan up. He wanted to know how to get that residue out of the pan. I told him by pitching it. He wouldn’t have been able to get that out of there. And he learned a valuable lesson, don’t walk away from boiling water on the stove and that he is really better off buying prepaid meals.  I also know someone who can’t cook at all!  Literally, they can’t even make spaghetti. They have learned that it’s better to just order out ALOT. 

BUT, for those who can cook or those who want to learn how to cook, what better gift to give them then family treasured recipes that they can learn to recreate.

This is also a great way to get the kids to learn about budgeting. They will have to plan out their shopping list as well as make sure they have enough money to buy the groceries. 

This is why I think gifts from The Happy Planner are such a great idea!  Not only do they have planners, they have recipe and meal planners, they have budget planners, as well as daily planners.

Plus what I really love about their planners are that you can really customize them!  They have grocery lists, notes, stickers, and so many other wonderful accessories.

Another reason that I know this recipe planner will be something very practical is that I am also a long time fan of Happy Planners!  I actually use one myself every day. It makes keeping track of life so much easier! 

Now, let’s get to the Best Gifts for College Students! 

Here are some items that I think will definitely be a hit with your kids this holiday season. To make it a little more fun, you could also throw in a gift card for a grocery store near their campus or location so they can use it to pick up the groceries they need.  

First, let’s talk about what I am putting together for my oldest.  

The Classic Recipe Organizer is here so that you never lose track of those beloved recipes! With 8 cute double sided dividers and space for 160 recipes, this organizer will make sure that the recipe you’ve been craving is easily found. Keep it stored safely in your kitchen for convenience and ease next time you need to track down that yummy dish!

Recipe + Meal Prep Planner Companion – Classic: $24.99

For the self-proclaimed foodie comes the Recipe Planner Companion! Jot down your next recipe or planned grocery list with the help of this companion accessory pack whether you are already adding to your favorite Happy Planner or just getting started! The Companion pack includes:

  • 3 illustrated dividers
  • 20 recipe cards
  • 1 magnetic wet erase board
  • 1 storage folder
  • 1 grocery list pad of 20 half sheets
  • 1 intention bracelet
  • Designed to fit a classic sized notebook or planner



Ready for more planner inspiration and best gifts for college student ideas?

Classic Happy Planner – Foodie (Recipe Organizer): $27.99

Show everyone that you know your way around the kitchen with this Recipe Organizer that has space for 160 recipes.

Classic Happy Planner – Recipe Keeper – Undated: $27.99

Happiness is homemade and what better way to achieve that level of happiness than with your favorite meals and dishes? This recipe organizer will make sure all those yummy treats and delicious feats are neatly organized for any of those moments you need some great tasting comfort food!

Mini Happy Notes – Recipe Foodie: $8.99

For the foodie that likes to research, plan and experiment with their own unique recipes comes the Mini Foodie Notebook! With 3 double sided dividers and 60 pages, this mini notebook is perfect when that moment of culinary inspiration hits and you need to write down your foodie brainstorming session.

Mini Happy Planner – Bon Appetit (Recipe Organizer): $21.99

Always losing track of your beloved recipes? The Mini Recipe Organizer is the solution for you! With 8 cute double sided dividers and space for 160 recipes, this mini will make sure that the recipe you’ve been craving is easily found. Keep it stored safely in your kitchen with it’s convenient yet adorable miniature size!

Mini Happy Planner – Foodie (Recipe Organizer): $21.99

Show everyone that you know your way around the kitchen with this Recipe Organizer that has space for 160 recipes.

Skinny Classic Happy Notes – Happiness Is Homemade: $10.99

For those moments when you need to jot down a quick note comes the Happiness is Homemade Skinny Classic Notebook. This 60 page dot lined notebook is the perfect companion for everyday tasks!

Skinny Classic Happy Notes – Recipe: $10.99

Designed to help you achieve your culinary dreams, the Recipe Half Sheet Notepad will make sure your food lists and ingredients are handy at the ready. With 60 sheets of lined paper this foodie aimed notepad will help you create and plan your next hit recipe!


12 Month Box Kit – Recipes: $39.99

Jot down your favorite recipes and keep them organized with this organizer kit! The Box Kit includes:

  • Space for 192 Recipes
  • 5 sheets of stickers that will help you customize your planner
  • 4 sticky note pads (20 sheets each)

 Accessory Book – Recipe + Meal Prep: $19.99

The Recipe Accessory Book is the perfect add on for your recipe based notebook or planner! This accessory book has 1129 pieces including sticky notes, notepad and stickers to jazz up your recipe planning and organization.

 Block Paper Pad – Recipe: $9.99

Constantly on the go but want to plan your week’s meals ahead? This Recipe Block Pad is perfect for meal planning. Write down your week’s grocery needs and easily take the page with you. Quick tip: tear off the sheet, punch it and put it in your Happy Planner! Paper size fits the Happy Planner Classic.


Bon Appetit Foodie Recipe Cards: $7.99

The Foodie Recipe Cards make it a breeze for you to share your favorite dishes with your fellow planners! Each card is double sided with a fill in area for your ingredients on one side and instructions on the other. Decorated with food imagery this pack includes 20 cards to share with 20 of your closest friends!


Classic Dry Erase Boards – Meal Planner: $7.99

Yep! You heard right! Dry/wet erase boards! These reusable boards are great to move throughout your Happy Planner. Write it down, check it off, ERASE it & repeat! Meal prep, make a grocery list, plan your weekly activities and take notes!


Classic Weekly Meal Planner – Half Sheets – Daydreamer: $5.99

Meal Plan Classic Half Sheet Note Paper – Healthy Hero: $5.99

Meal Planning – Half Sheet – Classic: $5.99

Sometimes all you need is a half sheet of paper to plan your meals for the week or make a shopping list. Each package includes 60 sheets of double sided, pre-punched note paper. The front side includes a weekly meal planner and the back a grocery checklist. Achieve your health goals with ease by planning and prepping your weekly meals ahead of time! Write down your grocery list on the back and you are ready to take on the week!


Multi Accessory Pack – Meal Planning: $16.99

What’s for dinner?! This Multi Accessory Pack is a great way to add some fun to your planner pages. Complete with stickers, sticky notes and pre-punched cards, your planner spread will look super cute while being very productive! Three popular planner accessories in ONE place!


Recipe Cards: $7.99

Write down and save your favorite recipes with these Pocket Cards. Customize your planner by adding these cards wherever you want!

Recipe Filler Paper – Half Sheet – Classic: $5.99

Need to quickly jot down your week’s groceries and recipes? The Recipe Classic Half Sheet has you covered! Quickly note whatever you need to grab for your next yummy meal and easily place in your favorite classic sized planner or notebook, 60 sheets included.



Menu Sticker Rolls: $10.99

Looking for your favorite sticker but you have used them all? Look no further…introducing the new sticker rolls.


Planner Stickers – What’s for Dinner: $5.99

These stickers make it easy for you to customize your Happy Planner, making every day routines even more FUN. These stickers are designed to fit in the daily column of your weekly view in The CLASSIC Happy Planner.


Recipe Organizer Stickers: $3.49

Nothing is easier than customizing your planner with stickers! This sticker book features stickers that are perfect for foodies! Easy to add to your Recipe Organizer or Happy Planner pages!


Tiny Stickers Pad – Recipe : $5.99

The Happy Planner Recipe Tiny Sticker Pad has everything you know and love from the recipe collection but in a cute pocket sized version! This 55 piece tiny sticker pad is perfect for quick trip to the grocery store to write down those last minute recipe ideas as they pop into your head!


Value Pack Stickers – Food: $19.99

Value Pack Stickers – Recipe: $19.99

Value Pack Stickers – Tiny Icons

Value Pack Stickers – Yum: $19.99

One-thousand five hundred and fifty-one stickers in ONE book! Helping you plan and giving you a boost of confidence along the way! These stickers make it easy for you to customize your Happy Planner, making every day routines even more FUN. These stickers are designed to fit in the daily column of your weekly view in The CLASSIC Happy Planner.


The Recipe Classic Value Sticker Pack is here to make sure any and all of your foodie and recipe notes stick out with color and fun! With 1282 pieces this sticker pack is the perfect companion for your foodie and recipe based notebooks and planners! Designed to fit a Happy Planner® Classic planner or notebook.


Good food, good mood! The Pack Stickers will add so much fun and style to your planner while helping you stay organized and Plan a Happy Life.


Washi Tape – Recipe: $5.99

The Happy Planner isn’t just about notebooks, planners and stickers but fun washi tape as well! Grab our Recipe collection washi tape to not only decorate your notes and planned meals but use it to put a fun spin on your cooking accessories and utensils, it’s sure to make your kitchen a hit!

I hope you found several great must have gift ideas for the college students or yourself in this post!







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