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30 Things You Can Do Instead of Cooking Thanks to On-Cor Entrées (+ a giveaway)

30 Things You Can Do Instead of Cooking Thanks to OnCor
This post is brought to you by On-Cor

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of On-Cor. The opinions and text are all mine.

Life is hectic. There are so many things to do. The kids have school, sports, and dance. Mom and Dad have work. And somewhere in between we have to find time to be together.

Dinner is usually when everyone is finally home – so who wants to waste most of the time chopping, baking, and frying in the kitchen? You want to enjoy family dinner time.

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With On-Cor you can give up slaving in the kitchen without giving up quality and flavor. On-Cor has a simple mission—to offer quality, multi-serve entrées that everyone loves…without the fuss.

Entrées feature popular flavors and varieties you know and love, giving kids a reason to come to the dinner table. The frozen, fully-cooked varieties are ready to heat and serve save you valuable time.

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So what CAN you do instead of standing over your stove? Here’s a list of suggestions to get you started!

30 Things You Can Do Instead of Cooking

  1. Help with homework.
  2. Facetime with the grandparents
  3. Make Unicorn Poop Slime
  4. Let the kids paint your nails (I heard a different color on each finger is totally cool now)
  5. Put a floor puzzle together – have a contest to see who can do it fastest!oncor family night
  6. Practice math flash cards
  7. Play your family’s favorite board game
  8. Play hide & seek
  9. Make a pillow fort
  10. Read for 20 minutes with your kids
  11. Watch one more episode of your favorite show
  12. Practice Yoga together
  13. Have a dance party in the living room
  14. Simon Says!
  15. Play the “pick up game” to organize the living room or playroom
  16. See who can build the tallest tower with blocks or Legos
  17. Look up your family’s dream vacation spot on Google and plan what you’d do while there
  18. Learn a magic trick
  19. Write surprise letters to long-distance family members
  20. Pick out 10 items of clothing to donate to your local family shelter
  21. Do family-friendly mad-libs
  22. Trace letters on each other’s backs and try to guess what it is.
  23. Play the whisper “telephone” game.
  24. Play Tic-tac-toe with plastic placemats and dry erase markers
  25. Print free coloring pages
  26. Make paper bag puppets
  27. Make bookmarks from ribbon or construction paper
  28. Look up the meaning of everyone’s name online
  29. Create a fun family video to send to relatives
  30. Make recycled tin can windsocks

After you’ve enjoyed time with your family, your meal is ready to serve. It’s that easy!

We love the Gravy & 6 Salisbury Steaks with tater tots and sweet peas. It was my favorite meal growing up and I love sharing it with my kids.

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Salisbury Steak not really your groove? Never fear, there are several hearty classics to choose from.  With both entrées and microwave favorites, convenience has never tasted so delicious. No frills, no fancy. Just really, really good food.

Stick with the classics or put a personalized spin on your favorite meal like turning the Gravy & Salisbury Steaks into sliders or add chicken to the Macaroni & Cheese.

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More About On-Cor

Life’s demanding enough. Dinner shouldn’t be. On-Cor does the prep work, so you can take care of other tasks or fun on your to-do list. If you’re having “one of those nights” On-Cor is just a freezer away for an always easy, always satisfying and always ready solution without the stress.

A number of entrées now have 20 percent more meat, the Macaroni & Cheese entrée now uses 100 percent real cheese, and they’re always MSG free.

For your next family meal, head to the freezer aisle of Walmart, or check out the store locator at



Ready to make family dinner stress free + fun? Enter for a chance to win this great On-Cor Family Dinner Night Prize Pack:

  • Coupon Valid for One Free On-Cor Entrée
  • Dinner Planner
  • Lasagna Spatula
  • Oven Mitts
  • Timer
  • Cast Iron Trivet
  • 1 Puzzle or 1 Art Project 
  • Learning Activity & Pencils 

*Prize Value: $200 / Exact prize styles, colors, and variety may differ from photo shown.

Giveaway ends 11/24/2017 @ 11:59 pm ET and is open to US Residents who are 18 years or older at time of entry. Prize provided and handled by On-Cor. Momskoop is not responsible for delivery of prizes.

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  • kim niland

    We like the Salisbury steak the best but we also eat the chicken parmesan too

  • Lisa Bourlier

    So far we have tried the Salisbury Steaks and the boys here love them! Less time in the kitchen means more time to spend with my family!

  • veronica sandberg

    love using on-cor. leaves me free to do other things…like enter sweeps

  • arress

    We s we enjoy The Salisbury Steaks.

  • Julie Lynn

    My kids love the chicken parm from on-cor. While it’s cooking we can catch up on some homework.

  • 1porkchop

    My favorite is the barbecued pork riblets, which we use to make hg=omemade McRib sandwiches, I would use my spare time to rake the leaves that are now piling up.

  • Christina O’Connor

    I love this list! I am going to print and save it for the future! I agree with Veronica – leaves us time to enter fun sweeps, too! :)

  • puye

    We like the Salisbury steak the best

  • Beth Solzsmon-Carpenter

    These are fantastic ideas!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    Lasagna with meat sauce. I would spend the time reading.

  • Kayla Klontz

    I’ve never tried any of these but I would love to and I would spend time with my kids when it was cooking.

  • Linda G.

    My favorite is the Gravy & Sliced White Meat Turkey. I would play a board game with the extra time.

  • Denise B.

    I like the char-broiled patties.

  • William C Karcher

    I Love the Salisbury Steaks ,while they cook I make some mashed potatoes and peas .Got to have peas with potatoes !

  • Pat S

    I like the turkey. I would watch tv or talk with my kids.

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    We like the Salisbury steaks! We would play a board game :)

    Name: edye


  • Darlene Carbajal

    I like the mac and cheese and I’ll use the extra time to go on Twitter lol.

  • rochelle33

    I love their Salisbury steaks and while they are cooking we watch movies

  • Karen Beck

    i like the turkey slices and gravy. I would use the extra time to make mashed potatoes and talk to my kids.

  • paigechandler

    I like the lasagna. I watch the news as it cooks

  • lissa crane

    I love the turkey with gravy! It makes it feel like thanksgiving any time of the year! I would love to play a board game with my four kiddo’s!

  • tannawings

    One of our favorites is their Salsbury steaks we make hot sandwiches with them and cover with the gravy. While it is cooking, I have time to go outside and play with the dog!

  • Julie Wood

    My favorite Entree is Gravy and Salisbury steak. It looks delicious. I would read a book while my entree is cooking.

  • Stephanie Jones

    i love the Salisbury steaks

  • Bridgett Wilbur

    I would spend more time with my kids while it’s cooking.

  • Katie Smith

    My favorite is the Salisbury Steak and I would read to my kids while it is cooking :).

  • bellagirl07

    I love chicken parm and I would be on the computer while it is cooking.


  • Laurajj

    Oh I would love to make the Gravy and White Meat Turkey! Would be so good in an open faced sandwich with mashed potatoes! With the extra time…I would love to try that Unicorn Poop Slime!! Oh that look so fun!

  • Elicia P

    I am a lasagna fan. I love it but it is a pain to make from scratch! I would play with my sons or help my older son with his homework.

  • Eileen Richter

    We actually have had the turkey and grave a LOT. Just make mashed potatoes and its REALLY good. LOTS of gravy!

  • Jen R

    My favorite On-Cor entree is their Barbecue Sauce & 6 Boneless Rib-Shaped Patties. We love these on toasted buns for a quick dinner. I would probably do laundry while I was waiting for them to cook.

  • Amanda S.

    The southern style gravy with beef patties look delicious, and I’d do a puzzle with my oldest kiddo while it cooks.

  • Michele Pineda

    We usually eat the Salisbury steak ones, but hubby also enjoys the ribs!

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Salisbury Steak sounds so good and I could read a little while its cooking