Tips For a Perfect Picnic – A Fun Way to Spend Time Together

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One of our favorite ways to both enjoy the outdoors and spend time together is a family picnic. No matter if you choose the neighborhood park or your own back yard – it’s a great way to enjoy fun, family and tasty food.

Perfect Summer Picnic

Picnics are such a great way to unwind, unplug and just have fun!

One of the reasons I like having picnics in our backyard is because you can decide to do it on a moment’s notice.  That way you don’t have to worry about changing your plans if the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day you want to have it!  If the day is simply gorgeous, grab a tablecloth, throw together some food, and head out into your backyard to have a fun family picnic!

One of my favorite ways to pack up our food for our picnic is by using a lunch box.  I know, it’s not the traditional picnic basket, which by the way I do have one of those too!  But I’ve found that if we, or me, decides on a last minute lunch outside, a lunch box works perfectly!  I only need to make one trip out of the house and one back in!

A few weeks ago, the weather was perfect.  It wasn’t humid, hot, or overly windy.  It was just a nice day to be outside.  So my youngest and I decided to have a picnic on our back deck.  We packed up our lunch using our Vaya Tyffyn lunch box!

Summer Picnic Tips

The Vaya Tyffyn offers technology that will help keep your food cold or warm for up to five hours!  So it’s perfect to use if you decide to pack up the family to head off on a family picnic!  This way you can pack up each person’s lunch separately and keep it fresh until you are ready to eat!

Another reason I am loving this lunchbox is because there is enough room so you can fold up your tablecloth and include it in the tote!

I’ve put together tips to have the perfect picnic.  Some of the tips are if you are planning to head to a fun location to have the picnic.  However, they will work great for a impromptu soirèe in your own backyard!

Tips for a Perfect Picnic

  • Plan Carefully – Take note of how much food you’ll need for the time you’ll be on your picnic. Make sure not to over pack so you don’t waste.
  • Make Sure It Stays Cool – We all love the look of a wicker picnic basket, but they don’t keep your food cool. Use cooling bags or a cooler to make sure food stays safe and tasty.
  • If you bring it – take it home – No one likes a litter bug! Bring extra plastic or paper bags to store your trash so that you can remove it when you leave.
  • Serve everything at one time – Part of the fun of a picnic is laying everything out on the blanket or table and digging in.
  • Stay Hydrated – Lemonade and fruit juices are wonderful picnic beverages, but don’t forget to freeze a few water bottles the night before. They are great for after the kids have played and they keep your food cool in the meantime.
  • Wet wipes are a great do-all item to bring along. They clean up muddy hands, food spills on clothes and refresh a little face after playing out in the warm sun.
  • Bring Games – who says you can’t play Scrabble out in the sun? Pack a few of your family’s favorite games for some relaxing family fun between physical activity.
  • Bring a Tarp – sometimes you may encounter wet ground even when the sun is out. Keep your picnic blanket (and your shorts!) dry by laying a tarp under your spread.
  • Pack handheld snacks – The kids will probably be excited and want to run around long past when you think they should eat. Let them have some extra fun AND play by packing things they can easily carry around with them: fruit, veggies etc.
  • Have a “Hurry!” plan – Summer warmth also brings summer thunderstorms. Think ahead about how you’ll wrap everything up and get it back in the car quickly if the rain takes you by surprise.
  • Don’t forget to have fun – It does take some planning to have your picnic go off without a hitch. But, don’t let that keep you from kicking off your shoes and running in the grass with the kids. That’s the most awesome part of all.

What’s your favorite picnic food?

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Summer Picnic Tips

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Perfect Summer Picnic

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