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For most of us, cleaning the house can be totally overwhelming. The mere thought of the amount of work that goes into spring cleaning can actually bring a shiver down your spine. Where do I start? How long will this take? My house is going to be a mess until I’m done! (cue the internal screaming) If “therapeutic” and “fun” are definitely not words you associate with the annual refreshing of your home or apartment, try some of these tips to at least make your spring cleaning easier and more efficient.

Be Prepared Before You Start Spring Cleaning

Having all of your tools and supplies ready to go can save you a great deal of hassle and make the job happen a lot faster. Take stock of the supplies you have already, and which ones need to be purchased or replaced before you get started.

Your #1 Best Tool: Paper Towels – No matter if you’re cleaning dust bunnies from behind your desk, wiping down counters, or cleaning your bathroom mirror — paper towels can handle the job. But, did you know you can also tackle even heavier jobs like cooktop grime, microwave stains, and that refrigerator spill you forgot about last month? Select a heavy duty, absorbent paper towel to get the job done right the first time.



Make Cleaning More Fun

One way to achieve this is by turning on your best music while cleaning is going on. You will be amazed how a good, upbeat song can boost your mood and help lift your spirits. If your entire household is helping out, get everyone dancing their way to a neater, tidier place.

Get Organized

Write down all the tasks that you will need to complete. If you breakdown the cleaning tasks into manageable steps, then the task will not appear overwhelming and intimidating. Jot down the tasks that need to be performed in each room including the outer sections of your house (patio furniture, grill, porch, back/front and so forth.) This way, when the household tackles a particular room, you have all the tasks spelled out. Also, it helps each member of the home appreciate what’s involved in keeping the entire house clean.

Cleaning the Windows

Window cleaning doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. There is an easy method that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Pour some hot water into a bucket, add white vinegar (one cup) and washing liquid (one teaspoon). Next, apply the mixture to the window using a strong, textured paper towel, like Viva® Vantage® – paying special attention to any areas that are smudged or clouded – then remove the excess water using a small squeegee.


Buff your windows to a final shine with a softer paper towel like Viva® Regular Towels. This should leave your windows clean and sparkling with very little elbow grease required.

Cleaning Your Oven Trays

Cleaning the oven trays is certainly not an easy undertaking however the task can be made a little simpler by cleaning them within the bath. Cover the base of your bath with a towel and place your oven trays on the towel. Next, open the hot water tap till the trays are submerged and then add one cup of washing powder or dishwasher. Mix until the washing powder is completely dissolved and leave the trays to soak overnight. In the morning, the trays should be sparkly clean and grease-free.

Overhaul Your Closet

Remove any extra items from your closets that you aren’t using and get the rest properly organized. You can use attractive storage crates or even modular shelving. This will create space for any new items that you may want to bring in for the coming months. It also allows you to stock up on your daily use supplies in the bedroom and even the bathroom. Tired of running out of toilet paper at the worst times? Now you’ll have extra space to store larger packs.


If there are any items that you no longer need or want, you can donate them to local organizations, many of which offer free pickup at your home.

Cleaning Tiles

If tiles are not cleaned regularly, they start to accumulate mold, dust and dirt. To keep your tiles clean, you should opt for a homemade cleaner or a cleaner that has a neutral PH. You can make your own cleaner by mixing baking soda (half a cup) with water (2 gallons). Apply the mixture to the tiles using a mop. If the stains and grime are set in and refuse to budge with normal washing, you can also try a steam floor cleaner to make sure allergens, bacteria and mold won’t keep your allergies active all summer.

Cleaning Furniture

Bright furnishings can make your dull space look better than ever. Decluttering your living space will help you relax as well as make your home more inviting to guests. Wiping down shelves, appliances, and decor – as well as washing or switching out heavy, winter curtains – can drastically reduce allergens and dust that has accumulated while your house was closed up during the cold months.