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Top Nail Care Essentials – How To Pamper Yourself At Home

Top Nail Care Essentials

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Finding time to pamper yourself is hard.  I mean, between the kids’ school schedules, after school schedules, dr appts, groceries, errands, jobs, housework, and yard work, life is crazy.   There really is no other way to describe it. Let me take that back, there is a word and it’s called Chaos!  Even if you are not a parent yet, life is chaotic at times.   I have learned the older I have gotten that in addition to everything I need to do for my family, I also am now a part of the sandwich generation. 

Wait, hold up, Sandwich generation? Say what? Let me explain, the sandwich generation is the age group I am in that not only takes care of our family, we also take care of our parents.  My Mom does not live with me, but there are times, I am helping her with things that she is no longer to do for herself or when she is ill, in the hospital, etc.

I have heard for years that we are supposed to make time for ourselves and take care of our whole self.  Yes, I know what I am supposed to do, but me actually doing it is something else.  If you are ever close enough to me, look at my nails.  My nails are not my priority. 

Top Nail Care Essentials

One of the things in life I absolutely love to do, besides getting massages with hot stones, is getting a mani and pedi done.  It always feels so amazing!  However, I just do not make the time to do it plus, let’s be honest, it always isn’t budget friendly.  To get a mani/pedi in our area, on a bi-weekly schedule, would mean I would drop close to $150 a month.  Yeah that’s not gonna happen. Yes, I know I am worth every penny, however, since money doesn’t grow on trees in my yard, it’s just not practical.

Top Nail Care Essentials

That is why since Mother’s Day is in just a few weeks, I thought I’d put together a comprehensive list of must have nail care essentials that would make a fabulous gift for your wife, your Mom, your Mother-in-Law, yourself, or any other wonderful woman that is in your life!   Not only are you giving her the supplies to do it, you are also giving her no excuse not to pamper herself!  

To all the men out there, the nail care essentials will also work for you!  So, pick up extras so you have them to use too! 

Here are our suggestions for Nail Care Essentials and Nail Art Essentials for yourself or someone very important in your life!

Nail Care Essentials:

Crystal Nail File
Cuticle clipper
Straight edge nail clipper
Nail buffer
Cuticle eraser
Cuticle pin
Nail rebuilding protein
Nail strengthening cream
Hand cream
Total foot care cream
Pumice stone
Foot soak tub
Pedicure nail prep and file

Nail Art Essentials:

Polish remover
Cotton pads
Base coat
Nail corrector pin
Nail polish
Top coat

LED Nail Lamp

Nail Essentials Storage:

Blue Hills Studio SC6SM Storage Cart 6-Drawer (Standard and Deep) Smoke

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Top Nail Care Essentials