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We got the chills last night….from FROZEN

frozen feature

FROZEN Box ArtWhen I visited the Disney Animation Studios and was given a sneak peek of Disney’s FROZEN before it was even finished – I was breathless. I must have looked like a little girl on Christmas morning as I gaped up at the screen, mouth open, eyes misty. It was absolutely amazing. When the film hit theaters my husband and I made a date afternoon to see it. Yes, just the two of us. Eli didn’t care that he hadn’t seen it yet, he still asked for everything he could get his hands on that featured his new best buddy, Olaf.

Tonight I saw something I’ve never seen before: Eli sitting still for over an hour, quiet and concentrating. On what? Frozen. I knew it was available yesterday so I surprised him by ordering it online. We made a family night of it – myself, Dan, both boys and my mother-in-law – all snuggled up across the living room while we watched. When Olaf appeared on screen, Eli had the same wide-eyed look that I did that awesome day at the Disney studios. When the end credits started rolling, his first words were “…can I watch it again?”

Now you can bring the magic home as well because FROZEN is available to Own on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack & DVDDigital HD, On-Demand and Disney Movies Anywhere.

I know how many blankets we had tossed across the couches and chairs while we watched. I can’t even imagine the temperature it was inside Elsa’s ice castle! I don’t think this Southern-born girl could handle it. But, if I was feeling adventurous, the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City is the place to be.

Hotel de Glace Image 1

They announced their special “Frozen Suite”, modeled after Elsa and Anna’s bedrooms. (Neat fact: the hotel was an inspiration for creating Elsa’s ice castle) The rooms are made entirely of snow and ice. Brrrrr but beautiful. It will be open to the public starting this weekend and say farewell on March 23rd. Anyone up for a trip to Canada?

Hotel de Glace Image 2

To celebrate the release of FROZEN, filmmakers visited the Hotel de Glace and you can check out the video HERE.

We all love FROZEN…but would you stay in a room of ice?

  • No, I would not. I am one of those people that’s ALWAYS cold and have been seen often wearing long sleeves in the summer, so I don’t think a room made of ice is for me :) It’s a cool idea, though!

  • That is amazing looking! Simply stunning….I would love to visit someday!

  • That is so freaking awesome! I would probably freeze to death though, since I’m always cold. >_<

  • Oh My! The Hotel de Glace Frozen suites are completely AWESOME! Thanks for describing your family movie night…it sounds like all of you had SO much fun!

  • Ya know… I just don’t think I’d make it in a room filled with ice! It sure is pretty though! :)

  • I wonder what it would be like sleeping in that ice room! I have never been to one of those ice bars though I’ve always been super intrigued by them.

  • I wouldn’t want to stay there- I’m a warm weather girl. But I would still love to see it!

  • brett

    we got really cold watching frozen too!! I thought it was just us!

  • We love FROZEN, too….but um, yeah, I don’t think I’d want to stay in that room. How would I get warm?

  • I love the movie Frozen but am not so sure that I would stay in a room made of ice. I might need an endless supply of coffee for that.

  • I’ve still yet to see this movie and I really need to check it out. I think my daughter would probably enjoy watching it! I don’t think I would last very long at the ice hotel, although it does look like a fun place to visit!

  • That ice castle is simply stunning. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • OH wow, gorgeous! I would definitely stay in a room of ice! Once in a lifetime thing, I am sure!

  • GORGEOUS hotel. But do you have to sleep in a parka?? My DVD was delayed in a shipment from Amazon. I’m SO CRANKY about it!

  • Hotel de Glace looks so amazingly beautiful! I would love to visit it and see it first hand!

  • This looks like such a great movie – we missed it at the show. We will be buying the DVD!

  • I’d visit one and take pictures. Sleeping there might be another matter. ;)

  • Looks super cool but I’m always cold so maybe not for me! My 16 year old loves Frozen so I’m sure she would love it!

  • That is gorgeous! We love Frozen and purchased it first thing.

  • Oh I definitely wouldn’t stay in a room made of ice! It’s an interesting idea, though. Just not for me. ;)

  • I would not stay in a room made of ice. After the winter I just experienced, I may not stay in a room with air conditioning.

  • I don’t think I could stay in it very long. I like to be warm and cozy! Frozen was a great film and I’m sure we will be watching it many times over.

  • Nope! I wear jeans and hoodies in 100 degree weather. I’d die of hypothermia in that room xD It looks amazing though~ Very pretty.

  • Tracey

    That is so beautiful! Makes me cold just looking at it!

  • I am a Frozen addict. I see so many people saying they don’t understand the hype but, to me, it’s an AMAZING movie. I would not however sleep in a room of snow and ice!

  • There’s an ice bar in Orlando and I’m dying to go! I think it would be so fun (this coming from the Florida girl who has never seen snow!).

  • Maybe when I was younger and the cold didn’t bother me at all. We ordered Frozen online too.

  • That hotel room looks awesome! I wouldn’t stay there, but I would love to walk in it and look around!

  • We love this movie! My daughter is trying to patiently wait for it to come. I would not ever sleep or visit an ice castle like that. I’m too cold natured. lol

  • I am not sure I could stay in a room of ice – I don’t mind the cold too much – but once it hits a certain temperature, YIKES! Especially with the winter we’ve had – I am SO over the ice, snow and COLD!

  • Oh. My. Gosh. I would live in that room in a heart beat.

  • Ashley M

    That hotel is mind blowing. As interesting as it is though, I could never stay- i get far too cold.

  • A room of ice is nice to look at and I’d love to visit, but I wouldn’t stay in the room long. I get cold quick.

  • my son saw it last night (he’s going on 11 next week) and he loved it. I was shocked beyond belief. I’m not completely sold yet but I’ll give it another chance.

  • My daughter and I LOVE this movie. I can’t wait to add it to our Disney collection.

  • That is a super cool (get it ;) ) hotel! And genius marketing in my opinion.

  • Rebecca Orr

    Beautiful for sure….but no! I would not stay there. I live in NY state. We get plenty of cold weather, snow, and ice here as it is. I would rather head somewhere warm! It is very pretty and detailed though.