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If you are a pastry, bread, and overall carb fan like I am, then you definitely need to check out Wildgrain if you haven’t already! Imagine amazing pastries, fresh bread, and delicious pasta, made with fresh ingredients that have names you can actually pronounce, delivered right to your door once a month. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Wildgrain Crossiants

Why Should I Do the Wildgrain Subscription Box?

I know what you are thinking, you can just grab a loaf when you are at the store. But what if you aren’t going to the store and you are craving warm from the oven sourdough. Yes, you know that feeling all too well. The last thing on your mind is getting dressed and getting ready to head to the store to just buy sourdough bread.

And if you have ever made sourdough before, you know that you just can’t whip it up and bake it the same day. It’s quite a lengthy process.

That’s why a Wildgrain Box is perfect! When those cravings hit, just head right to the freezer, preheat the oven, put the pastries on the middle rack (no baking sheet may be needed), and bake. And before you know it, that luscious bread is all done!

A monthly subscription to Wildgrain is really a must! You won’t be disappointed!

What Can I Expect in My Box?

In the box I received, we got:

·         Sourdough Rolls

·         Sourdough Bread

·         Sourdough Harvest Bread

·         Fresh Tonnarelli

·         Fresh Fettuccine

·         Croissants

·         Slow fermented Olive Oil Ciabatta

Let’s just talk a minute though about the harvest bread. It ended up becoming a bit of a conversation piece at our Easter dinner. It wasn’t meant to be, however, once our family saw it, they wanted to know more about it, what it was, where it was from, and of course then raved about how amazing it was.

Flaky Buttery Croissants from Wildgrain

Why Does the Service Cost More?

You have to look at the overall picture. Unlike going to the store when you are purchasing just a loaf of bread, when you get a box from Wildgrain, you are essentially getting the components for 30 or so meals. Plus, it’s being delivered right to your door. And you need to factor in the ingredients. These products are made with quality ingredients. As with anything, the better the quality, the more you pay.

Believe me when I say, the bread is SO worth it!

Also, keep in mind that you can start and pause your subscription as often as you would like.

How Do You Serve This Bread?

I’m going to be honest. One night when we weren’t really hungry for a big dinner, we made a loaf of sourdough and I put together a charcuterie tray, and voila, dinner was served!

The bread and pastries work with any meal that you are serving to your family. Whether it’s a big bowl of comforting chicken and noodle soup to eggs and bacon and you are slicing up the bread for toast.

Top Things to Know About Wildgrain

·         They are the FIRST bake-from-frozen delivery service for fresh pasta, amazing artisan pastries, and baked to perfection sourdough breads.

·         They use clean ingredients.

·         By supporting Wildgrain, you are supporting small bakeries.

·         The box your delivery comes in is eco-friendly and insulated!

·         All of their items can be from the freezer to your table in under 25 minutes!

·         Did I mention delivery is always FREE?

·         For every membership, they donate six meals to the Boston Food Bank.

·         They use small-batch bakers and pasta makers in putting together their boxes.

·         No commitment

How to Order a Box for Yourself

I’m glad you asked! You really must try one of these boxes! And of course, this would make a fantastic gift for a special someone in your life!

Just head over to their site, set up your account, and place an order. It’s that simple.

Croissants and butter

How Would you Like to Save $ When you Place Your First Order?

To get $30 off of your first order, just click on the link below and make sure to use the code listed below. It’s that simple! And remember that delivery is always FREE!

Get $30 off your first order with code AFFILIATE30

If you are looking for one new subscription service to try in 2022, THIS is the one you must try. You really do deserve it. Your family will love you for it! 

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