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Winter Sensory Bottle – How To Make Your Own!

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Winter is almost here!  Actually I am kind of excited!  There is just something about freshly fallen snow around Christmas and then into January!  After that though it needs to melt and go away!  LOL!


A few weeks ago after spending a lot of time on Pinterest, I decided to make two sensory bottles with my kids.  We made a Winter Sensory Bottle and a Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle.


Winter Sensory Bottle

My kids loved making the bottles.  Sensory bottles are so easy to make and are so versatile!


To make your own Winter Sensory Bottle, you will need:


Winter sensory bottle supplies

Once you have all of your supplies ready to go, remove label from the water bottle (if you are using a plastic bottle).  Dump out about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of the water.  Then add about 1/2 of the bottle of glue in.


Then add in your glitter and sequins:


Put the lid on and shake the bottle:

At this point, if you plan on not reusing the bottle and leaving the items inside the bottle, you can hot glue the lid onto the bottle.  Something we learned was that for the next 24 hours don’t turn the bottle upside down or the water will leak out.  After the 24 hours you will be good to go to do that.

My kids can’t wait to make more sensory bottles.  The great thing about these bottles are that they are calming, the kids can shake them, swirl them and investigate with them.  They are both educational and fun.  One of the reasons I like them are that there is no right or wrong way.  Let your imagination be your guide!

Have you made any sensory bottles before? If so, what was your favorite one?