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Wipe Away Stress and Anxiety with Essential Oil

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I love the idea that I can reach for an essential oil as a natural way to treat my stress or anxiety I am facing for that day.

Wipe Away Stress with Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for calming your nerves if you are feeling anxious inside, having a stressful time, or live with stress or anxiety on a daily basis. When you breathe in essential oils whether from diffusing, applying to your skin, or inhaling straight from the bottle, it passes through your blood and brain barriers, and can start working on the areas of the brain that control your stress and anxiety. It is pretty astounding at how quickly you can begin to feel relief.

If you are new to essential oils, welcome, enjoy the new world of essential oils. There is an oil for pretty much any and everything you might need! From sleeping issues, needing a mood boost, helping with allergies, immune boosting, heart disease, cancer, nausea, and truly the list continues. You can find an essential oil or blend of oils for any ailment or struggle you might be facing.

Today I want to focus directly on stress and anxiety, and what oils are best for those days where you need to breathe deep and let go of the stress and anxiety!

Top 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

  • Diffuse| This is great for a long-lasting way to get the benefits from the oils.
  • Rub Directly on Skin| Add a drop or two of the oil or oils of your choice, which has been diluted with a carrier oil and apply to wrists, temples, and behind ears (for stress and anxiety).
  • Inhale| Open the bottle and inhale, or add 1-2 drops in hands, rub and put your palm to your face and breathe deep.

Below are the top 7 essential oils I recommend for stress and anxiety. There are even more oils out there that will bring you relief as well, these are just my top picks.

Clary Sage

This oil does wonders for those who struggle with anxiety on a regular basis. It can really help reduce your anxiety over time, when you use it on a regular basis. You can diffuse, rub on skin, or inhale when you are struggling. Even add a few drops to your shower and let it steam and really help lift your moods and relax you.


One of the most popular and multi-purpose oils on the market. It might be known for aiding in a restful night sleep but it can also help reduce the stress you are feeling at the moment. Within five minutes of applying to the skin or inhaling you should start to feel your stress levels dropping dramatically.

Sweet Orange

Orange is a good one to help with any anxiety or even depression that you may be experiencing. Diffuse for a mood boost or if you find you are really struggling I would apply to skin and then inhale for quick relief.


Back again with another citrus oil that is great for wiping away any stress that is building up inside of you. It can be refreshing, uplifting, and help add clarity to your mind.


Bergamot is again a part of the citrus family, and it does wonders for any nervous feelings you might have and reducing anxiety. The best route for this is directly inhaling or diffusing.


What I really like about the rose is you can dab this on the skin and it offers a light floral scent that is enjoyable throughout the day. Rose essential oil is great for relaxing you, bring peace, and helping reduce stress, depression and any nervous feelings you might have.


Need to calm your mind and bring focus to your work project? This is a great essential oil to diffuse or inhale directly. It helps balance your emotions, brings peace and calmness to your mind and helps you focus where you need to be.


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*This post is not in any way giving medical advice. These are simply what works for me. This oils may not work for you since everyone’s chemistry is different.




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